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Animal Chakra Course

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Learn about animal chakras and how they relate to your animal's health and wellbeing with this brand new online course.

A series of weekly live masterclasses and chakra healings. Includes a private sacred community.

A six-week journey for the spirit-curious animal lover. Hosted by Ruth Hatten, an expert in the fields of animal naturopathy and energy healing.

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Thanks for joining the Animal Chakra Course waitlist! Ruth will be in touch soon! Please be sure to add ruth@ruthhatten to your contacts so you don't miss out.
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What qualifies Ruth Hatten to teach you about animal chakras?

Ruth Hatten is uniquely qualified to guide you in understanding animal chakras due to her extensive background and hands-on experience in both animal wellness and energy healing.

With a solid background in pet nutrition and animal naturopathy, Ruth began her exploration of chakras and energy healing in November 2017. This path quickly became a passion, and by mid-2018, she was practicing various energy healing modalities on both animals and their human companions. This dual focus on both animals and humans highlights Ruth's comprehensive understanding of the interconnectedness of all living beings, making her insights particularly profound.

Ruth's work in energy healing has proven to be an essential component of holistic animal care, addressing not only physical ailments but also emotional and spiritual balance. She has discovered that the energetic health of companion animals is just as important as their physical health and wellbeing.

Learning from Ruth means being welcomed into a nurturing environment where the bond between humans and animals is honored and celebrated. Her warm, empathetic approach ensures that you will not only gain valuable knowledge but also feel supported and inspired every step of the way.

With Ruth Hatten as your guide, you are learning from someone whose heart is fully dedicated to the wellbeing of animals. Her unique blend of expertise, experience, and genuine care makes her the ideal mentor to help you discover the beautiful world of animal chakras.

Ruth holds the following qualifications in energy healing:

  • Certificate in Usui Reiki Level One

  • Certificate in Usui Reiki Level Two

  • Certificiate in Usui Reiki Master Level Three

  • Certificate in Seichim Level One

  • Certificate in Ashati One

  • Certificate in Ashati Two - Ashati Practitioner 

  • Certificate in Alsemia One

  • Certificate in Alsemia Two - Alsemia Practitioner

  • Pranic Healing Level 1 Certificate

  • Pranic Healing Level 2 Certificate

  • Pranic Healing Level 3 Certificate

  • Pranic Healing Level 4 Certificate

Ruth Hatten

Your Holistic Animal Care Mentor

Naturopathy, Nutrition, Plant Medicine, Energy & Spirituality

Ruth Hatten t/as Sahaja Animal Healing 2024

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