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Did you miss the live webinar Beyond Chicken & Rice: A Digestive Care Workshop for Dog-Loving Humans?
Never mind, you can get a copy of the recording!

In this 2 hour digestive care workshop, I shared all of my best tips and tricks for helping dogs (and cats) enjoy good digestive health.


This included a discussion on the most common digestive ailments and the natural options available to treat your dog (or cat) as well as things that you can implement today to help your pet maintain a healthy digestive system.

What was discussed?

  • What is the chicken & rice diet?

  • Why is a chicken & rice diet recommended?

  • Is a chicken & rice diet healthy / sustainable?

  • What causes diarrhoea/vomiting/digestive upset?

  • Causes of digestive upset

  • Natural solutions for healing digestive upset

  • What about picky eaters?

  • What does a healthy diet look like for your pet?

Get your copy of the recording here:

Please allow up to 12 hours to receive the recording.

Animal Naturopath.

My name's Ruth Hatten and I'm an animal naturopath.

Through the use of therapies including nutrition, massage therapy, herbal medicine and reiki, I help people just like you help their pets achieve a state of optimum wellness and heal from disease.


Some of the conditions I have experience in include kidney disease, skin problems, allergies/intolerances, pancreatitis, weight control, urinary tract conditions, gastroenteritis, arthritis and much more.


I've also helped ensure puppies and kittens are starting off on the right paw by formulating a diet that provides all the growth-supporting and protective nutrients they need for optimum wellness.


I have witnessed incredible improvements in the health of both dogs and cats through a combination of simple dietary changes and natural remedies - the power of nature truly is amazing!


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