Cat Nutrition Webinar Replay -
How to feed your cat an optimum diet

Recorded live on Tuesday, 6 March 2018 

In this live webinar replay, you will learn how to feed your cat the right diet so that she or he can achieve optimum health.


You will receive:


Valued at A$369, you pay A$39.

  • the same information that you would if you purchased a general cat nutrition package with me - a one hour consult (but in a group setting) and written diet recommendations;

  • PLUS a feline recipe book; 

  • PLUS a meal plan;

  • PLUS a discount off a one-on-one consult tailored to suit your puss cat's specific health requirements.

Please note, the information provided will not cater for any health conditions your cat may suffer from. What you will receive is general advice as to what is the best diet to feed a cat.  If your cat does suffer from a health condition you are still very welcome to attend and you will gain valuable information about optimum cat nutrition plus you will receive a discount off a one-on-one consult in your home or online tailored to suit your puss cat's specific health requirements.  Alternatively, we recommend you contact me to discuss the most suitable nutrition package for you and your cat.

[A copy of the live webinar replay will be sent to you by email. Please allow 24 hours for delivery]


This seminar will cover everything you need to know in order to ensure your cats are getting the best possible nutrition, it is detailed and comprehensive, it will also help clarify some of the myths around commercial pet foods and what they are really about. Cat nutrition will help your cats to stay healthy, live longer, disease free and happy. 

- Jenni Madison
Ruth gives you a foundation starting with the food cats are designed to eat, and also shares the types of ingredients in most retail cat foods and how to understand the labels.  In the past I have always included a small amount of commercial pet food for my cats because I wanted to make sure they had enough taurine in their diet - after being on Ruth's webinar I know I don't need to do that anymore and I feel completely confident in making all my cats' food at home. Ruth is so warm and approachable, I felt so comfortable asking her questions and I know she can support me if my cats have any special requirements. There was also no judgement from Ruth. The recipes in the ebook are so simple and quick to make, I love them and so do my cats.
- Cathy Wieden