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The wellness of your animal incorporates aspects of your own wellness.

This is one of the reasons why I offer services for animals and their humans. By taking care of yourself, you are also taking care of your animal.

Perhaps you have found me because of a desire to receive support for your own personal needs. Or perhaps you are seeking support for your animal.

Often times, a client will start with one, either their animal, or themselves, and then shift their attention to the other.


Sometimes a client will come to me with the intention of healing both themselves and their animal at the same time.

Either way, healing can occur for both you and your animal.



I use a naturopathic, holistic approach that means treating the animal from a whole body perspective. When an animal is unwell, the body is out of balance. Working in a holistic or naturopathic way means:

  • taking into account the whole animal, rather than focussing specifically on a medical condition or the presenting symptoms; and

  • supporting the animal's body to achieve balance and to heal using the body's natural or inherent healing abilities.

This approach complements conventional veterinary treatment and a veterinary diagnosis of a medical condition can often be beneficial.


I have witnessed incredible improvements in the health of both dogs and cats through a combination of simple dietary changes and natural remedies - the power of nature truly is amazing! A state of whole body wellness can be achieved, and when the body is brought back into balance, certain conditions can naturally be resolved.


I offer a number of in person and online programs tailored to suit your pet's individual needs and circumstances (priced from $129). I can also tailor a program just for you.


With each program, you will receive a consult plus an in-depth holistic wellness plan that includes diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations. Other inclusions may consist of follow up consults, email/phone support, customised meal plan, recipes and VIP bonuses.

I also offer plant based diet programs for dogs. Find out more here.


Please note, I am not a veterinarian and therefore I am not able to diagnose a health condition. It is important if your animal is suffering from a health condition, that you obtain a veterinary diagnosis. I can then help your animal heal holistically using complementary therapies and by treating the whole animal.

The number of dogs and cats who are suffering from poor health is increasing. They are most commonly suffering from skin issues, allergies, digestive disorders, bladder disease, obesity, diabetes, diseases of the liver, kidney, heart and cancer. 

Many of these health conditions may be caused, or at least contributed to, by poor nutrition.

Some of these diseases are similar to the ones we suffer from. And it is not surprising, considering the chemical-heavy world we live in and the abundance of processed food commonly included in our and our pets' diets. On top of that, pets are commonly treated with chemical-based medications at the first sign of disease or as a way to control parasites.


The food your pets eat, and the environment they live in, can cause them to suffer from toxic overload, which can make them sicker over time.

As a believer and user of natural therapies for my own health, it makes perfect sense to me that our four-legged animal friends can similarly benefit from natural therapies.  What this approach looks like is a natural, whole-food diet with quality natural food-based supplementation and a clean and safe environment and lifestyle. 

I bet this makes sense to you too, right?

If you'd like to know more, you can book in a free chat with me or an email consultation by clicking the buttons below.

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My mission is to teach others that there is another way to care for animals. A way that is different to the mainstream model of care, which is, in many respects, failing animals. 

The model of care that I teach and apply honours animals and nature. It incorporates natural health modalities. It honours the natural being-ness of animals, the natural characteristics and desires of animals. It is a model of care that completely honours the inherent value of nature and animals.  

Staying true to my values of love and respect for animals and my appreciation and admiration for the powerful healing ways of nature has helped me to create a service that I am proud of.  It has enabled me to achieve positive and long term results for animals, time and time again.

Physical body therapies can be a powerful adjunct to nutritional support, as well as being a beneficial standalone treatment.

In the holistic care of your animal, physical therapies like myofunctional therapy (massage) and energy healing can provide physical and energetic support to your animal.

With qualifications in both myofunctional therapy and reiki, I combine both therapies in my Bodywork Therapy sessions.

Bodywork Therapy for cats and dogs incorporates remedial massage and stretches to improve balance, functioning and range of movement as well as Reiki, a form of intuitive energy healing. Bodywork Therapy can improve a cat or dog’s general fitness, behaviour, emotional stability, comfort level and overall health.  


Remedial massage provides a wide array of benefits for dogs and cats of any breed, age and activity level, including improved immunity, reduced anxiety, greater flexibility, improved nutrient supply and more. It can be especially beneficial for dogs or cats who suffer from arthritis or hip dysplasia.

Reiki can provide support for your animal (cat, dog, horse etc) to return balance to the body, helping the body to naturally heal from disease, ease pain, to cope with fear and stress, alleviate or prevent side effects from medication and is beneficial for proactive wellness. By helping your animal relax, Reiki helps to unlock the natural healing abilities of your pet's body. 


Animals can respond really well to Reiki as their connection to energy is so much greater than ours.

Reiki is also available:

  • as a standalone treatment, and

  • in a combined session where I treat both you and your cat, dog or horse with Reiki.

Find out more about energy healing here

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White Plants
Matter is Energy... Energy is Light... We are all Light Beings
Albert Einstein


Energy Healing

We are all energetic beings. You and your animal are beings made of energy, of light. Your animal is connected to you at a very deep soul level. This close relationship means that your animal can take on your energy.
Because of this "energy  transference" between you and your animal, when you receive energy healing it is not only you that benefits. Your animal benefits too.
The lighter your energy is, the lighter their energy is. The less worry and stress in your life, the less worry and stress in their life.
Calm and relaxation can bring about healing, for both you and your animal.
Sometimes your animal can carry the energy of an illness that you have. I have seen this in energy healing sessions with clients and their animals - both beings experiencing the same physical ailment, or an ailment within the same bodily system.
Experience the benefits for you and your animal when you receive energy healing. 

Plant Based Coaching

As a lover of animals, I choose not to eat them. If you love animals, perhaps you have thought about the animals on your plate. Is it right to eat one animal, and not another?
If this is something you'd like to explore, I'd love to help you.
As someone who has eaten a plant based diet for almost 30 years, I know what it takes to thrive on one. And every day, I'm comforted in knowing that I'm not harming animals, whom I adore as much as I do the animals I share my home with.
Tropical Fruit Dessert

Marcie, Isabella & Tutu

Ruth is an animal angel. My furry babies both had suffered trauma and she healed them with distance reiki, her treatment helped to heal me too.


Our special Tu Tu and Isabella are very peaceful and happy and this experience has been very enlightening.


Thank you beautiful Ruth xx