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Learn how to help your animal achieve optimum wellness and prevent disease

We all want our fur babes to live healthy, happy lives for as long as possible, right?

You're here right now because your animal doesn't have a health issue and you want to keep it that way! (If your animal does have a health issue, click here).


You are well aware that prevention is better than cure, and you would like to know how you can help your fur babe achieve optimum wellness so they can avoid many of the common diseases that animals face today.


As an animal naturopath, Ruth teaches pet parents, just like you, how to set up processes, and basically foster a life for your fur babe that allows them to thrive.

She does this through teaching people about things like:


  • real food nutrition,

  • natural remedies for supporting constitutional weaknesses and supporting detoxification and immunity (including plant medicines like herbs, flower essences and essential oils),

  • resolving past emotional traumas (which can contribute to disease),

  • who your animal is as a member of their species and as an individual, and how to honour that for exceptional living, and

  • how to connect with your fur babe at a deep soul level.

Got questions?

  • A complimentary chat to discover how Ruth can help you, your animal, y...

    20 min

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