Energy Healing

for Animals

I am a qualified Usui and Seichim Reiki practitioner and I provide Reiki to animals and humans through single treatments and my signature offering, Reiki For You & Your Fur Baby.


Reiki is a form of intuitive energy healing that helps to unlock the natural healing ability of animals (both human and non-human). It does this by helping the mind and body relax, which then allows for a rebalance of systems within the body and then, ultimately, that is when the healing begins.

Reiki is especially beneficial for healing emotional wounds. Healing can occur in just one session but usually multiple sessions are necessary.

In a Reiki session, I channel the universal life force healing Reiki energy and pass that energy to the patient through various hand placements along or above the body. After a Reiki session, the patient may feel lighter, more relaxed and happier. With the shifting of energy within the body, one might also feel an increased range of movement.

Animals can respond really well to Reiki as their connection to energy is so much greater than ours.

Reiki For You & Your Fur Baby

I started offering Reiki For You & Your Fur Baby sessions because it is believed that our pets may feel in their body what we are feeling in ours. This may occur because of the powerful empathetic bond that cats, dogs, horses etc share with us. This bond creates a health connection between us and our pets.

Often if a pet is suffering from a health condition (mental, physical or emotional), the person they share the strongest bond with, can present with the same or similar condition. And so, if your pet is suffering from a health condition, it's vital that you work on your own healing, not just that of your pet's.

A Reiki For You & Your Fur Baby session is a must have if you're experiencing any health issues and you want to help protect your pet from feeling the same.


In these sessions, I treat you first and then I treat your cat or dog, horse or other pet. I will channel Reiki healing energy to help you manage stress, anxiety, grief, depression, painful conditions, life challenges, spiritual challenges, illness and so much more. I will then channel Reiki healing energy to help your fur baby to rebalance the body, thereby assisting in management of whatever disturbance they are suffering from, whether that is stress, anxiety, immune disturbance, painful conditions, grief, digestive issues and so on.

Find out more about the benefits of Reiki below and by reading this article.

Price list:


Reiki, in home treatment:

  • Cats, Dogs & Horses from $60 (45-60 mins)

  • Reiki For You & Your Fur Baby $135 (90 mins)

Reiki, remote treatment:

  • Reiki treatment package, incorporating four healing sessions over a fortnight: $150

  • Single treatment: $50

  • Reiki For You & Your Fur Baby: $115

Optional Upgrade: Add on an Energy Balance Session for just $29. This session involves clearing the energy in your animal’s space and matching their (and your) space to what serves them (and you) best.

Through balancing the body, energy medicine may assist with:
  • Enhancing overall wellbeing

  • Strengthening the immune system

  • Accelerating healing following surgery, injury or illness

  • Promoting relaxation

  • Relieving stress, anxiety and fear

  • Providing comfort and relieves pain

  • Balancing energy

  • Supporting the body's natural healing processes

  • Providing support at end of life and through transition

  • Helping emotional trauma, such as abuse, neglect and loss

  • Relieving allergy and allergy symptoms

  • Increasing vitality and stamina

  • Assisting rescues with transition into new home and family

  • Soothing high strung and highly sensitive animals

  • Removing energy blockages

  • Providing relief from arthritis, rheumatism and other debilitating conditions

  • Delaying the onset and progression of disease

  • Energising and revitalising ageing animals

  • Helping to alleviate lethargy and depression

  • Helping with moving house, introduction to, or loss of another pet

  • Reducing behavioural challenges and aggression

  • Complementing medical treatments

Dandelion Parachute Seed
Dandelion Parachute Seed
Isabella & Tutu

What Their Human Says >


Ruth is an animal angel. My furry babies both had suffered trauma and she healed them with distance reiki, her treatment helped to heal me too. Our special Tu Tu and Isabella are very peaceful and happy and this experience has been very enlightening. Thank you beautiful Ruth xx

- Marcie McLeod


What His Human Says >

Ruth is a lovely and caring person with incredible healing knowledge for animals. She has opened my eyes to a whole new world in animal nutrition and healing and I will be forever grateful.
I requested help from Ruth when my 8 year old Kelpie cross started having monthly seizures and my vet had suggested medicating him for epilepsy (I didn't and still don't believe he has epilepsy).
I am so happy I did, through a diet change and a couple of little tweaks to our household he has now been seizure free for 7 months and has never been happier or healthier.

- Kate Blatchly


What Her Human Says >

Ruth is amazing! Such a great decision to engage an expert to plan our puppy’s nutrition. Ruth is absolutely the puppy whisperer. 

- Louise Perram-Fisk

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