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Heal Together

Beginning 27 April 2022

Enrolments close 25 April 2022

When you heal together with your fur babe, the results can be fast-tracked, and your bond can deepen. 
You share a divine connection with your companion animal. You agreed to meet in this life. As part of that agreement, your animal would provide you with unconditional love.

They would help you navigate this life. They would be your mirror, reflecting back your emotional wounds. They would send you messages to alert you that healing needs to occur. They would take on your energy, and transmute it - move it, change it.

Because they love you, unconditionally, and they want the best for you.

As your mirror, as your guide, as your friend, they play a central role in your wellbeing. And you play a central role in theirs.

When we heal together, not only do we heal ourselves, we also heal our animals. Not only do we create a better life for us, we create a better life for them too.
Would you like to learn how to heal together with your fur babe?
The Heal Together program is based on a holistic approach to wellness. It incorporates aspects that will support you and your fur babe's whole body - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Health and wellness doesn't just involve the physical body. It isn't enough just to eat healthy food or feed your fur babe healthy food. What you and your animals eat is an essential aspect of wellness. Indeed, nutrition builds the foundations of good health. But to expect optimal health based on diet alone is ignoring many crucial aspects of wellness.

Your mind, your emotions and your spirit are equally important when it comes to optimal health. And this applies to your fur babe too.


Depending on how close you are with your fur babe, they can take on "your stuff". If you are stressed, they can become stressed. If you're unwell, they can become unwell. If you don't deal with your emotions, instead you repress them, your animal can take on those emotions.

Over time, repressed emotions, existing as energetic blocks, can bring about unhealthy or negative behaviours, physical symptoms and disease.

Out of unconditional love, your fur babe is here to support you. And part of their role in doing that is to help shift your energy. The more energetic blocks you have, the more of your energy they need to shift. This can have negative effects on their health and wellbeing.


Heal Together is a journey like no other...

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In Heal Together you and your fur babe will partake in a mutual healing journey.

Once you reach the end of this program, you and your fur babe will have undergone powerful healing.

You will have learned strategies for supporting your and your animal's wellbeing using a holistic wellness approach, and for navigating life so that you can both experience lives that are more joyful and peaceful.
You will enjoy improved overall wellbeing, at all levels of your being, and you will enjoy that together.

Your healing journey includes:

12 x group coaching calls
Live coaching calls on Zoom covering the four pillars of holistic wellness, including an introductory module on the connection between humans and animals and how that plays out in terms of wellness for both human and animal.

8 x group healing sessions (humans and animals)
Remote sessions conducted over Zoom, with each session focussing on the 7 main chakras of humans and the 8 main chakras of animals.

3 x sharing circles
Live monthly group circles on Zoom providing an opportunity to safely share your story and your experience as we navigate this healing journey.

1 x 75 minute private remote healing session for you and your fur babe
Personalised healing for you and your fur babe. This is a remote session which will be conducted at an appointed time that suits your schedule.

1 x 30 minute private initial consult
A private chat prior to / at the commencement of the program to discuss your intention for the program, what you would like to achieve and experience on the journey.

1 x 30 minute private end of program consult
A private chat at the end of the program to discuss your journey, what you've learned, what you've put into practice and next steps for ongoing healing.

Heal Together Care Pack (including journal, journal prompts, 2 x wildflower essence blends, a vibrational mist and a selection of inspiring books)
A beautiful care pack delivered to you before the program commences, with tools and resources to help facilitate you and your fur babe's healing journey. 

5 x PDF Workbooks
Big, juicy workbooks that accompany the group coaching calls, covering the four pillars of holistic wellness and the introductory module on human-animal connection.

5 x guest expert interviews
A selection of pre-recorded interviews with guest experts intentionally chosen to facilitate the human part of this healing journey.

Private online community
A private online space, away from distractions of social media, for you to connect with others traversing this healing journey with you. This will also be the space where the program content will be delivered.

Your host

Ruth Hatten will be hosting you and your fur babe on your healing journey. Ruth is an animal naturopath, pet nutritionist and energy worker. She's been helping animals be healthy since 2015.

The approach Ruth takes to wellness is holistic and nature-based. A whole body, mind, spirit approach that takes into account all aspects of an animal's life.

Ruth guides people on honouring and supporting their fur babes. In understanding who they are and supporting them with natural remedies to bring about optimum wellness.

Her mission is to help animals live healthier and happier lives. She acknowledges the role that the animal's human guardians play in this process and the Heal Together program honours that connection.


Ruth is qualified in Small Animal Naturopathy, Usui Reiki, Seichim and Ashati. She is an ex-lawyer who is following her dreams to make the world a better place for animals and their human guardians.

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Also supporting you, a team of experts in their field: