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Holistic Animal Care Sessions

Monthly sessions to learn more about how you can care for your animal in a holistic and natural way.

Each month, Holistic Animal Care Mentor, Ruth Hatten holds live (or pre-recorded) online sessions teaching animal lovers how to care for their animals holistically.

These sessions are run online on Zoom. Each month a different topic is covered from gut health to parasite prevention, nutrition and more, and there is time to ask Ruth your questions on the month's topic and on holistic animal care generally.

Registration includes all of this!

  • If sessions are run live, you can join the live session to interact and ask questions.

  • The session recording to watch at any time or watch it again to catch up on the live.

  • One month's membership to the Holistic Animal Care private members group where you can access past session recordings (on topics like natural parasite prevention, optimising gut health and anxiety), interact and ask questions. In here, you will get clarity around how to care for your animal holistically so that you don't ever have to feel confused or unsure again.

  • Discounts on a variety of offers as they relate to the month's session eg eBooks, Masterclasses, Courses and more.

Upcoming Sessions

Register for single sessions or sign up below for three sessions and save


Past Sessions

Access the recordings of these sessions in the Holistic Animal Care private members group

Past Sessions

Sign up for 3 months and save!

Register for single events each month and pay $22 or sign up for three events and get 50% off the third event plus uninterrupted access to the Holistic Animal Care Members Group for ongoing support and connection!

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

Learnings and take-homes

from participants of past sessions

"I really liked hearing your perspective and advice..."

The Gut Health webinar really got me thinking about the whole of the food and diet. It reinforced what ingredients are not healthy yet present in so many products. I really liked hearing your perspective and advice on health and nutrition, always more impactful when it’s personal and hearing the stories of people and situations you have helped with.
- Gaelle
About Ruth

Ruth is a Holistic Animal Care Mentor. Her work encompasses principles of naturopathy, nutrition, plant medicine, energy and spirituality. Ruth's mission is to help animals feel healthier and happier utilising the bounty that nature provides.

Since 2015, Ruth has helped hundreds of animals around the world feel healthier using her holistic wellness approach to animal care. Ruth believes that animals can thrive when they are supported holistically, and she's excited to help you help your fur family.

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