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Holistic Pet Session

A private coaching experience for pet parents who are dedicated to creating the best life for their fur babe, and who are seeking guidance to do this in the most natural and supportive way.

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Image by Olivia Hutcherson

You love your fur babe.

You want the absolute best for them.

You are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that they have everything they need and more.

You would like to support your fur babe in the most natural way possible. In a way that honours who they are, from their evolutionary beginnings to the divine and unique individual that they are today.

You are a seeker of information. You yearn to know the best way to support your fur babe.

Navigating pet care is confusing, right?

Where one person is saying one thing, there's another person saying the complete opposite.

What is the best way to support your fur babe?

Perhaps you would like to learn how to care for your fur babe at a whole body, whole existence level.

Or perhaps you want guidance around natural solutions that can help them.

How do herbs work? Are essential oils safe?

What supplements are beneficial, and safe?

What is the best diet for YOUR fur babe?

Or maybe you struggle to connect with your fur babe and you yearn to connect with them at a deep level. You're stumped as to how to do that.

Or perhaps you've struggled with loss of a fur babe recently and you would like help navigating that.

Hi, I'm Ruth. I'm an animal naturopath, pet nutritionist and energy worker.


I work with people, just like you, who are seeking guidance on the best way to care for their fur babes.

I've had cats and dogs all of my life. I love, honour and respect all animals. I live and breathe for these beautiful souls.

I'm here to help animals have healthier and joyous lives. And to help people understand, appreciate and respect all animals.

I'm so excited about the opportunity to support you and your fur babe.

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How will a Holistic Pet Session help you?

Receive practical advice tailored to your unique situation, your unique fur babe.

Learn new ways of supporting your fur babe that are natural, holistic and safe.

Have 1:1 access to Ruth, a passionate and devoted animal naturopath, in a safe and supportive environment.

Be given the opportunity to share freely about your situation, without judgment.

"Ruth is very engaging, professional and gets straight to the point in a way that is easy to understand. She has a knack for giving a lot of valuable information in a short amount of time. Ruth is so passionate about what she does - it's obvious to me that she cares as much about my animals as I do."

Cathy Weiden

What's included in a Holistic Pet Session:

This is a limited time opportunity for you to receive support and guidance on matters impacting your fur babe.

It's an opportunity for you to be heard and to be seen.

A session that is tailored to you, giving you exactly what you need to be supported with right now, in order to help your fur babe. 

Ruth has never offered these sessions before and she only has a few spots available.


  • Pre-Session Intention Setting Workbook

  • 90 Minute 1:1 Session (via Zoom)

  • Video Recording of the Session

  • 2 Weeks Voxer (Live Audio & Text) Support 

  • + Bonus Resources (a masterclass discount pass plus a selection of bonus resources tailored to suit the guidance you’re seeking in the Session) 

Topics covered may include:

  • Pet foods

  • Nutrition

  • Supplements

  • Enrichment

  • Connecting with animals (your fur babe / other animals)

  • Essential Oils

  • Herbs

  • Toxins

  • Detox

  • Gut Health

  • Parasite prevention

  • Stress management

Your Investment - $333

Limited Spots Available!

Once you've booked, Ruth will email you to organise a time for your session. Please add to your contacts so that you can get booked in.



1. Does the Session include a diet plan?

It can include dietary guidelines if that is what you're after. But if it is just a diet plan you would like, you may prefer to purchase a diet and wellness plan or book in a wellness consult.

2. Can more than one topic be covered in the Session?

Yes. The Session can extend up to 90 minutes, allowing plenty of time to discuss a few different topics.

3. What's the masterclass discount pass?

The masterclass discount pass will give you 10% off all masterclasses run by Ruth for a period of 12 months from the date of your Session.

4. What are the bonus resources?

These will depend on the topics that you would like covered in the Session. They might include eBooks, dietary guidelines, recipes, workshops / masterclasses etc.

5. What's the Pre-Session Intention Setting Workbook?

This is a workbook that both you and Ruth will use during your time together. It will form part of the initial intake process where you will answer questions about your circumstances and what guidance you are seeking. Then it will be a living document where Ruth provides written guidance on the topics that you discuss in your session and during your two weeks Voxer support. You will be able to utilise the workbook going forward to support your fur babe.

6. How does a Holistic Pet Session differ from a Wellness Consult?

Great question! Wellness Consults follow a specific structure and are focussed around providing recommendations for an optimum diet and supplement plan for your fur babe. Holistic Pet Sessions have much more scope to cover a variety of holistic options for helping you to support your fur babe.


They're also an option for you to take a deeper dive into holistic animal health. We've got time to dedicate to a variety of health topics and new strategies that you've been curious to try but didn't have the confidence to put into place.


They're essentially an opportunity for free flowing, judgment-free, open conversation on how you can support your fur babe in more natural and holistic ways!

You also receive two weeks of live chat support, an intention setting workbook (that is added to and built on throughout the two + weeks that the Session covers and for you to seek guidance from well after our time together) and a selection of bonuses that you don't get with a Wellness Consult.

Overall, it's a very diverse, unique, beneficial and supportive experience!

Got Questions?

  • A complimentary chat to discover how Ruth can help you, your animal, y...

    20 min

Email Ruth here or book in a complimentary chat below.
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