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1:1 Holistic Wellness Consults

The number of dogs and cats who are suffering from poor health is increasing. They are most commonly suffering from skin issues, allergies, digestive disorders, bladder disease, obesity, diabetes, diseases of the liver, kidney, heart and cancer. 

Many of these health conditions may be caused, or at least contributed to, by poor nutrition.

Some of these diseases are similar to the ones we suffer from. And it is not surprising, considering the chemical-heavy world we live in and the abundance of processed food commonly included in our and our pets' diets. On top of that, pets are commonly treated with chemical-based medications at the first sign of disease or as a way to control parasites.


The food your pets eat, and the environment they live in, can cause them to suffer from toxic overload, which can make them sicker over time.


Ruth teaches animal lovers, just like you, how to set up processes, and basically foster a life for your animal that allows them to thrive.


She does this through teaching people about things like:


  • real food nutrition,

  • natural remedies for supporting constitutional weaknesses and supporting detoxification and immunity (including plant medicines like herbs, flower essences and essential oils),

  • resolving past emotional traumas (which can contribute to disease),

  • who your animal is as a member of their species and as an individual, and how to honour that for exceptional living, and

  • how to connect with your animal at a deep soul level.

Please note, Ruth is not a veterinarian and therefore she is not able to diagnose a health condition. If your animal is presenting with health symptoms, it can be helpful if you obtain a veterinary diagnosis. Ruth can then help your animal holistically using complementary therapies that support your whole animal.

Ruth​ uses a naturopathic, holistic approach to support animals, which means that she focuses on treating the animal from a whole body perspective.

She makes recommendations that incorporate feeding a natural, whole-food diet with quality natural food-based supplementation and a clean and safe environment and lifestyle.


When an animal is unwell, the body is out of balance. Working in a holistic or naturopathic way means:

  • taking into account the whole animal, rather than focussing specifically on a medical condition or the presenting symptoms; and

  • supporting the animal's body to achieve balance and to heal using the body's natural or inherent healing abilities.

This approach complements conventional veterinary treatment and a veterinary diagnosis of a medical condition can often be beneficial.


Ruth has witnessed incredible improvements in the health of both dogs and cats through a combination of simple dietary changes and natural remedies - the power of nature truly is amazing! A state of whole body wellness can be achieved, and when the body is brought back into balance, certain conditions can naturally be resolved.

"Words cannot adequately describe how grateful we are to Ruth."

My Labrador Louis nearly died due to unknown issue. The vet saved his life. We were told to give him low dose antibiotics everyday (and he was on them for 3 years.) We tried to stop the medication. Every time he got sick and needed to be rushed to the vet. He would also gnaw at his paws and his belly was bright red. Louis was also prone to ear infections and was terribly overweight. We tried all the top brands of diet dog food and increased his exercise routine.......nothing worked.


I came across Ruth talking on the lowtoxlife podcast. Listening to her ideologies aligned with my beliefs and my preferred approach to animal care. 


Ruth listened and asked lots of questions. She was very generous with her time and advice. She gave us lots of support in the first few months whilst transitioning Louis onto the new eating & supplement plan.

Now Louis is back to normal. He has so much energy and has the brightest eyes. The redness is gone and he doesn't chew his paws!!  The antibiotics are long gone and we have our dog back. We have not been to the vet once this year usually we would have at least been 4 times by now. (at least $400 to $800 per visit)  


Words cannot adequately describe how grateful we are to Ruth.

- Melanie Colegate

Holistic Wellness Program

Image by Erik-Jan Leusink

A one month supportive journey to help your animal optimise their health, whether for disease prevention and longevity or to help heal / manage existing health issues.

Includes welcome pack, 90 minute consult, customised and in-depth Naturopathic Wellness Plan or Holistic Wellness Support Protocol, 1 month email support plus The Real Food Diet for Dogs / Cats eBook.

Be Well - 3 Month Program


A three month supportive journey for your animal with a chronic health issue. Providing natural and holistic strategies, this program is specifically suited for animals with long term disease or illness.

Includes 90 minute consult, naturopathic wellness plan, 2 follow up consults, 3 months email support plus lots more.

In person option available for Sunshine Coast residents.

Soul Session

Image by Oleg Ivanov

Receive guidance and support to help you connect with your animal at a deep soul level.


A Soul Session is a beautiful connected experience that facilitates an enriching soul relationship between you and your animal and allows you to receive insights into the deep connection that exists between you both.

Includes 75 minute online session and follow up suppo


  • A complimentary chat to discover how Ruth can help you, your animal, y...

    20 min

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