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Discover holistic ways that you can support your fur babe with a range of masterclasses, available for immediate download.

Topics include gut health and decoding pet food labels.

Ruth also offers a range of live masterclasses throughout the year. Join the waitlist for these classes you'd like to join or sign up to stay in the loop!

Upcoming Live Masterclasses - Stay In The Loop!

Cat and Working

Ruth regularly delivers live online masterclasses during the year on brand new natural animal care topics! If you would like to learn new holistic and natural solutions for giving your fur babe their best life, you won't want to miss these classes!

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About Ruth

Ruth is a Holistic Animal Care Mentor. Her work encompasses principles of naturopathy, nutrition, plant medicine, energy and spirituality. Ruth's mission is to help animals feel healthier and happier utilising the bounty that nature provides.

Since 2015, Ruth has helped hundreds of animals around the world feel healthier using her holistic wellness approach to animal care. Ruth believes that animals can thrive when they are supported holistically, and she's excited to help you help your fur family.

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