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Optimum Wellness for Pets

Learn how to help your cat or dog be the healthiest they can be
Would you like your cat or dog to:
Be the healthiest version of themselves?
To live a long, healthy and happy life?
I know that you love your pet. If you didn't, you wouldn't be here.
And I know that you've probably tried numerous things to help your pet be healthy. You've no doubt tried different diets, different supplements, various treatments and so on.
Perhaps your pet has anxiety, digestive issues, muscle and joint problems, allergies, skin issues? 
Or perhaps your pet is fine but you would like to do everything you can to keep them that way, for as long as possible? Because you can't bear the thought of them suffering.
Yep, I know it, because it's been my journey too with my pets.
Please know, there are things that you can do to help your pet be super healthy. To enjoy a life free from pain and disease. To have optimum wellness.
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When your cat or dog has optimum wellness, their chance of being in pain and suffering from disease is reduced. Their chance of living to an old age with health and vitality increases. 
Do you want this for your pet?
You do?
That makes me so happy!
You probably already have an idea that diet matters, right? 
It definitely does! But optimum wellness doesn't come from just one thing. There are a variety of steps involved in helping your pet to achieve optimum wellness - 10 to be exact.
And I'm so glad you're here because, I would like to help you learn and implement those 10 steps so that you can help your pet have a long, healthy and happy life.

What does it mean for your pet to have optimum wellness? 

Hi, I'm Ruth

I'm a pet nutritionist and animal naturopath and I've been helping animals be healthy since 2015.

I do this by assessing the animal from a holistic point of view. Not just what they're eating but what their environment is like, what their emotional health is like. I make recommendations to help them achieve optimum wellness.

The approach I take is a holistic approach. A whole body, mind, spirit approach that takes into account all aspects of an animal's life. I have found that this is what is necessary for optimum wellness.

The poor health of animals really concerns me and I want to change that.  I want animals to be healthier. I want them to thrive and be happy!

I want to help YOU help your animal be the healthiest they can be.

To help you, I've created an online course that is designed to help your pet be the healthiest they can be.
This course will teach you the protocol I use when helping cats and dogs - my 10 steps for optimum wellness - in just five weeks.
This is a 10-step holistic approach to wellness and I can't wait to share it with you!

What will you gain by doing the course?

You will:
  • receive information and resources on how to help your pet achieve optimum wellness
  • have access to a qualified and experienced animal naturopath and pet nutritionist (that's me)
  • go from feeling confused and uncertain about how to help your pet be healthy to feeling confident and empowered with the information you need to help your pet be the healthiest version of themselves
  • form a deeper bond with your pet
What past course participants say:
"The course was a wealth of knowledge backed up by experience and support in an extremely affordable package, all in one place. Just a wonderful, inspirational, motivating, supportive, well researched course which you'll come back to time and time again as you help your animal more and more with their health and happiness....

I got more in depth and personalised guidance through this course than I've had with the integrative/holistic vet visits we have had with our animals...

I loved feeling so supported in making non-mainstream decisions for my animal's health with such a wealth of knowledge and experience with all aspects of sharing life with animals. I particularly loved the consults, they were absolute breakthroughs for me, and you meet the animal and the family where they are and help everyone move forward so well.”

- Katie Bale-Bethel (Guardian to Abby the Ragdoll)
"The course was easy to follow and taught me really valuable information about how to best care for my pets. Not only was the science explained, but also practical advice on how to incorporate what we were learning. I learned a lot and am really glad I did this course.
What I liked most about the course was the way that it covered all areas of health and was full of good and practical information. 
I picked up things I didn't know such as watching overexercising; learning about animal communication and connecting with my pets in another way; home remedies; massage techniques; an understanding of caring for animals holistically."
- Sarah Spann (Guardian to dogs, Spartacus & Pixie)

What's included in the course?

This is a 10-module course, conducted entirely online over five weeks.
Depending on which plan you choose, you will receive:
  • 10 pdf workbooks
  • Instructional videos
  • 1:1 private coaching with me, a qualified and experienced animal naturopath and pet nutritionist
  • A detox remedy
The Essentials
  • 10 pdf workbooks
  • Instructional videos


Premium - The Essentials + Support
  • The Essentials 
​   PLUS:
  • 3 x 1:1 30 minute online consults (value $165)
  • Real Food Diet eBook Bundle (value $69)
  • Detox remedy (value $29)


Choose the plan that suits you:

Dog Walker at the Park
Is this course right for you?
Yes, if you care about helping your pet to be as healthy as they can be.
Yes, if you're tired of trying new foods, supplements, treatments, medicines and not having them work.
Yes, if you want to develop a deeper bond with your pet
Yes, if you want to explore natural ways of helping your pet.
Yes, if you would like to give your pet the best chance of living to a ripe, old age, free from suffering and disease.
Perhaps you've got some questions?
Let me see if I can help you with those...

1. When does the course start? 

The course is available 24/7. As soon as you enrol, you will be sent a welcome email with the first module.

2. Help!  I don't know which course plan is right for me! Can you help with that?

No worries. The course plan that's right for you will depend on how much support you would like to receive.  If you're someone who just needs the information and you can keep yourself accountable, then The Essentials will probably be a good fit for you. If you like the added benefit of being able to receive additional support 1:1 time with me, go with the Premium plan.

3. What's covered in the 1:1 consults?

The 1:1 consults will be designed to provide you with the support you need to implement the training. It's a great opportunity to get extra insight and personal, private support with what it means for your pet to have optimum wellness and how you can support them with that.

4. What's in the pdf workbooks?
There are 10 pdf workbooks and each one is dedicated to one of the 10 steps for optimum wellness. Each workbook breaks down the relevant step into bite-size chunks so that you can easily understand what the step entails. Also included are links to additional resources, checklists and downloads to provide you with additional information on the step being covered to ensure that you have everything you need to implement each step.
5. Will I be overwhelmed with the course content?

I will be sharing a lot of information with you, that initially might seem overwhelming. If you're worried that you might be overwhelmed, I suggest signing up for The Premium plan. That way, you'll be able to receive additional support to help resolve any overwhelm.

6. How will the course be delivered?


Each of the 10 modules will be delivered to your inbox, starting with the first module on the day you enrol. Subsequent modules will be sent every three days. 

If you choose the Premium plan, I will contact you to schedule the 1:1 consults.

Get started. Enrol today.

The Essentials
  • 10 pdf workbooks
  • Instructional videos
Premium - Essentials + Support
  • 10 pdf workbooks
  • Instructional videos
  • 3 x 1:1 30 minute online consults (value $165)
  • Real Food Diet eBook Bundle (value $69)
  • Detox remedy (value $29)



Get Started

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