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Holistic Animal Care Session - Gut Health

Watch the webinar recording

Many dogs and cats who have gut issues, and the pet gut supplement market is booming!

  • Why are so many pets these days suffering from gut issues?

  • What strategies will actually help them?

  • What type of diet? What types of supplements?

Gut health is a foundational aspect of your pet's health. Poor gut health can affect nutrient absorption, mental and emotional health, disease resistance, immune function, hormone regulation and overall wellbeing.

Get access to the Holistic Animal Care Members Group where you can watch the February Holistic Animal Care Session, learn natural strategies for optimising your pet's gut health and seek further support from Ruth. Price: $22


After you make your purchase, you will be emailed an invite to join the Holistic Animal Care members group where you will be able to access the gut health webinar recording and enjoy the other group benefits. Please check your spam for the member invite.

Image by Chewy
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