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Yes - you can do it!
Have you been thinking about starting a plant based diet?
Make 2019 the year you go plant based!

In my experience, making the decision to go plant based is the easy part. The challenges come when you try and figure out what you're going to eat.


Sure, you could just replace the meat and other animal foods with the packaged vegan food in the supermarket but you want to make sure you do it right.


You want to make sure that you thrive on this new diet, this new way of living.

And you don't want it to be difficult, right?

This is where I come in...

Plant Based Coach.

My name's Ruth Hatten and I've been enjoying a plant based diet for almost 30 years.

At the tender age of 11, I decided to pursue a plant based diet. My main motivator was animals – I loved them (I still do!), they were my friends (they still are!) and I didn’t want to eat them anymore (I still don’t!). This set me off on a life of change-making to ensure that choices I made minimised the suffering of animals.


My reasons for choosing a plant based lifestyle today are all of these – animals, my health and the planet upon which we are blessed to live.


Whatever your reason for considering a plant based lifestyle, I applaud you. What I can be for you is a well-informed guide on how to live a plant based life that is healthy, environmentally friendly and that makes animals smile. If you're simply seeking to make subtle changes by incorporating more plant based options into your diet, I can help you with that too.

A new year is always a great time to make change. The year is new, there's feeling a freshness, excitement and motivation.



to make sure you give yourself the best chance of success, you actually want to start taking steps towards making that change before the new year begins!

I'd love to help you achieve your goal of thriving on a plant based diet.

And so I've put together a little something to help you do just that.


... a Pantry Check Up...
Say hello to "Plant Based in 2019"!
Plant Based 2019 is a plant based coaching package that includes:
Plant Based 2019 is only available to purchase until 31 December 2018.


This is to ensure you are ready to go as soon as 2019 begins!


I have never offered this program before, and I'm not sure if I will be offering it again - it truly is one of a kind.

Make sure you're ready to achieve your plant based goal by getting your hands on Plant Based 2019.

All you have to do, is hit the button below to get started!

Get Started
To get started, you have two options.
For the eager, who are ready to start now and want to reach their plant based goal faster:
Pay the full price upfront:
For those who want to take advantage of this special offer but would like longer to pay:
Secure with a deposit:

When my husband and I started the coaching sessions with Ruth we had begun our journey towards being on a plant based diet but we still needed some help in terms of making the full transition.  

One of the things that we appreciated the most about Ruth's coaching support was that there was no judgement


about where we were at or how we wanted to approach the transition. She worked with us and understood that we wanted to make a real and sustainable change and as such appreciated that the journey had to work for us.  

Ruth has so much knowledge and insight that she shared with us along the way.  This really helped us to ensure that with the diet changes we were making our health and wellbeing was also paramount.


My husband and I are very appreciative of all the support and encouragement that Ruth provided to us and would highly recommend her coaching sessions to anyone thinking of transitioning to a plant based diet. 


Making this change has been one of the best things we have done - thank you very much Ruth!


—  Ange Boyd, Founder and Director of Pyxis Australia

To recap, when you invest in Plant Based 2019, you will receive:
  • 3 x 60 minute consultations via Zoom (each of these sessions are recorded so you can access them forever)
  • Meal Plan
  • Recipes
  • 3 months email support
PLUS, you will also receive these BONUSES!
  • Pantry Checkup
  • Grocery Shop
VALUED AT $1,299.
You pay only $899!
When you sign up to the Plant Based 2019 program, I will be right by your side as your plant based coach providing you with knowledge, insight, tips and tricks to help you eat (and enjoy!) a nutritious, whole-food plant based diet. You will get an abundance of support, without judgment, so that you can achieve your goal of eating a healthy plant based diet.
Plant Based 2019 is only available for purchase until 31 December 2018.  Don't miss out.  Secure your spot today:
Pay the full price upfront:
Secure with a deposit:
Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I have to wait until 2019 to start?

Not at all!! You can start as soon as you want.

2. I'd like to secure with a deposit. How much is left to pay and when do I need to pay it?

Congratulations on choosing to secure this great deal with the low deposit of $79! Once you've paid the deposit, there will be $720 left to pay. You can pay the full amount of $720 when you're ready to have your first consult OR you can choose to pay it by instalments. If you choose to pay by instalments, there will be an additional $20 administration fee. You must pay the full amount of $720 prior to your final consult. Generally, the final consult will occur in week 8 of the program.

3. What if I want more consults? Can I purchase more?

Yes of course you can! Additional consults are available for $150 per consult.

4. Is there a time limit on when I can get started?

That will depend on whether you pay the full amount upfront or whether pay the deposit.


If you pay the full amount upfront, you can take as long as you like to get started. However, to ensure you attain your goal of eating a plant based diet, I recommend that you get started as soon as possible.


If you choose to pay the low deposit of $79, there is a time limit on when you can get started. The deposit will secure the price of $799 for a period of 3 months from when you pay the deposit. For example, if you pay the deposit on 31 December 2018, you have until 31 March 2019 to pay the remaining $720 (in full or by instalments), book in and have your first consult. If you don't make further payments, book in and have your first consult within 3 months of paying your deposit, you will lose your deposit and the special price of $799. 

5. Do I need to be in Brisbane to enjoy the Pantry Checkup and Grocery Shop?

No, not at all! If you don't live in Brisbane but you have a smartphone, we can do the Pantry Checkup and Grocery Shop via the camera on your phone. If you live in Brisbane, the Pantry Checkup and Grocery Shop will occur in person.

Need help or have more questions?

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