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This Enchanted Unicorn essence mist was lovingly and intentionally created to capture the energy and frequency of the unicorn realms. To bring a greater connection to the natural world and appreciation to the elemental realms.


This divine creation was brought to life by two star seeded light workers desiring to bring more purity and magic to the planet at this time.


This mist captures the essence of unicorns and it invokes the feelings of purity, uniqueness and magic when sprayed into your bio energy field.


A divinely created pure aromatherapy, botanical & vibrational mist infused with crystals (amethyst, angel aura, apophyllite, aqua aura, larimar, selenite and pearl), light codes, light language, reiki &  unicorn blessings.



Pure water, colloidal silver, Australian wild flower essences (five corners, sunshine wattle), pure essential oils (lime, orange, patchouli and ylang ylang).



Shake and spray into your energy field with love and intention to shift your vibration.


Made in wild locations on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.




Enchanted means filled with delights. It is our intention to bring lightness of being into your life.


We invite you to be Enchanted.




Enchanted Unicorn Mist 100ml