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This is a recording of a 90+ minute live masterclass that was held on 20 July 2022.


Learn all about medicinal mushrooms for pets with the Mushroom Magic Masterclass!


Have you heard of medicinal mushrooms?

Perhaps you've heard that they have benefits for animals?

Are you curious to learn more?

Mushrooms often get a bad wrap when it comes to being safe for animals. Perhaps you've read that they're toxic for pets?

Mushrooms have been used as medicine for centuries, and the research on the benefits of medicinal mushrooms is ever-growing. They are definitely worthy of attention!

In this masterclass, Ruth Hatten, animal naturopath, will be exploring medicinal mushrooms with you.


Topics covered include:

  • What are medicinal mushrooms?
    • Understand what medicinal mushrooms are and why they're considered to be medicinal.
  • Types of medicinal mushrooms.
    • Learn about the different types of mushrooms that exist in nature.
  • Benefits of medicinal mushrooms.
    • What benefits do medicinal mushrooms have for animals? Can they support particular health issues?
  • Suitability of medicinal mushrooms for animals.
    • Are mushrooms suitable for animals? Which ones?
  • Preparation methods and dosage rates.
    • Learn about the different preparation methods of mushrooms and get clear on the best application and dosage for your animal.


Who's this masterclass for?

Dedicated pet parents who would like to learn about the benefits of medicinal mushrooms for their fur babes and how to incorporate them into their pet's diet for optimal health benefits.

What's included?

  • The 90 minute masterclass, including Q&A session.

  • eBook.


Upon completing your purchase, the workshop recording and pdf guide will be emailed to you in a Zip file for immediate download.


Mushroom Magic 90 Minute Masterclass + eBook