The Guide To Natural Parasite Prevention: Holistic and Natural Solutions To Help Your Pet Prevent Fleas, Ticks, Worms & Other Parasites


Want to help your cat or dog avoid parasites using safe and natural treatments?


This Guide To Natural Parasite Prevention is for you!


Easy to read, comprehensive PDF guide that includes tips from a qualified animal naturopath on how to safely help your pet avoid parasites. Tips include:


  • nutrition
  • herbs
  • homeopathics
  • flower essences


Also includes recipes so that you can start creating your own parasite prevention remedies for your pet.



  • Introduction: Yes, you can prevent parasites using natural solutions!
  • Solution No. 1: Keep your pet nourished and healthy
  • Solution No. 2: Incorporate parasite prevention foods
  • Solution No. 3: Investigate and manage stressors
  • Solution No. 4: Detox your pet
  • Solution No. 5: Use natural parasite preventatives
  • Immune Support Food Tips
  • Recipes


eBook: The Guide To Natural Parasite Prevention