Learn how to help your cat or dog be the healthiest they can be with the Optimum Wellness for Pets Course!


A 5-week online course that takes you through my 10-step protocol for helping your pet achieve optimum wellness.


You will:

  • receive information and resources on how to help your pet achieve optimum wellness

  • have access to a qualified and experienced animal naturopath and pet nutritionist (that's me)

  • go from feeling confused and uncertain about how to help your pet be healthy to feeling confident and empowered with the information you need to help your pet be the healthiest version of themselves

  • form a deeper bond with your pet


Course consists of 10 modules and includes:

  • 10 pdf workbooks

  • Instructional videos


Each pdf workbook is delivered to your inbox on a twice-weekly basis for a period of five weeks.


Find out more here.

Optimum Wellness for Pets Course - The Essentials


    ​I'm a lover of animals, a pet nutritionist, an animal naturopath, an energy healer and a plant based coach. Just doing my bit to help animals live a happier life. 

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