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Protein is one of the main building blocks when it comes to pet nutrition - it's a super important part of your fur babe's diet! But unfortunately, many of the protein sources in pet foods are inadequate.  
In this one hour masterclass, pet nutritionist and animal naturopath Ruth Hatten, will be teaching you about the importance of the protein you feed your fur babe and how to ensure you're feeding your fur babe the type of protein they need to thrive.
You will learn:
  • Why the protein you feed your pet matters
    • What is protein?
    • How does protein function in the body?
    • Why is it so important in your pet's diet?
  • The biological value of different proteins
    • What is biological value?
    • Why does it matter?
    • Which proteins have the best biological value?
  • Optimal protein sources
    • What proteins are best for cats and dogs?
    • How are they best prepared?
  • Special protein requirements
    • Protein requirements can change depending on your pet's protein needs -
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