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Purify Essence is a gentle flower essence blend, which may assist in clearing toxins and past trauma. It can be beneficial at the beginning of a nutritional therapy protocol, as a detox remedy, following pharmaceuticals and to help resolve past trauma or cope with stressors.


Made with a selection of Australian wild flower essences, with no added alcohol.


Infused with healing energies.


Dosage: 7 drops am + pm, in water, food, mouth, fur.


Optimise your pet's detox by purchasing the Detox Duo (Herbal Cleanse and Purify Essence) and save 10%! Herbal Cleanse is a natural and gentle herb blend to assist in optimal function and detoxification. Protects and supports the functioning of the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, pancreas, colon and lymphatic system.

Purify Essence 30ml

PriceFrom $33.00