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If your animal ever experiences worry, stress, panic, or fear, the Serenity essence is a beneficial remedy to have on hand. I consider it to be an essential part of your animal's care kit! Perfect if your animal doesn't like going in the car, vet visits, groomer visits, scared of visitors etc or is generally anxious.


Also beneficial if your animal is sick, to alleviate any of their worry or stress that may be associated with feeling unwell.


Serenity is also a useful remedy if you're feeling stressed, worried or anxious. Animals take on our energy so by giving your animal Serenity when you're stressed, worried or anxious (and hey, you can even take it too!), it can help to minimise the impact of your energy on theirs.


Stress can contribute to disease so minimising it is essential for optimum wellness.


This is a natural and gentle flower essence blend that has been infused with reiki healing energy. It contains pure water, glycerine and a selection of Australian wild flower essences selected to help calm and relax your animal.


A vibrational remedy that helps support and balance your animal's energy. 


Dosage: 7 drops morning and evening in water, food, mouth or stroked through fur. Can also give as frequently as needed eg every hour.


Handcrafted on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Serenity Essence