Learn the essentials for feeding your cat and your dog a real food diet!


These aren't just any raw feeding eBooks. This eBook bundle contains The Real Food Diet for Dogs eBook and The Real Food Diet for Cats eBook. Perfect for you if you have both cats and dogs and  you want to make sure they're eating a healthy real food diet. And they're like a consult with me wrapped up in an eBook bundle!


Each eBook is over 40 pages and includes the essentials of home prepping your cat's and dog's food, from explaining why a real food diet is important, what foods make up a real food diet, and the benefits of each food category to sharing my tips for transitioning your cat and dog to their new diet, water requirements, hygiene and easy home prepping. Plus I also give you a meal plan, diet plan and recipes so that you can get started right away with home prepping your cat's and dog's meals.


You'll also get access to the following easy to print pdf downloads:


  • Meal plan template
  • Diet plan
  • Blank recipe template for creating your own recipes based on the included recipe formula


Raw and cooked options included.


Please note: the eBook bundle is provided to you in a zip file, with a size of 68.7MB. You should not have issues downloading to your phone or tablet provided you have sufficient space on your device, however I recommend downloading the file on a desktop or laptop computer. If using an iPhone, you will be given the option to open the file in Dropbox. You may also be given the option to download the file to "Files" if you have iCloud.

The Real Food Diet for Dogs & Cats eBook Bundle


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