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  • FREE real food meal plan
  • Guidance from a pet nutritionist
  • Community support
  • Improve your pet's diet today


Do you want to improve the health of your cat or dog?
Do you want to change your pet's diet, but don't know how?
Have you tried to transition your cat or dog to a new diet, but failed?
Are you confused by the wide array of pet food available on the market?
Do you want to learn how to feed your pet a diet that will provide optimum wellness?
Hi. My name's Ruth Hatten and I'm a qualified and experienced cat and dog nutritionist.
In my animal nutrition practice, I help clients every day learn how to feed their cats and dogs a diet that provides optimum wellness.
For the first time ever, I am offering you the chance to work with me at no cost, yep for FREE, to learn about what a healthy diet looks like for your furry companion.
Nutrition is vital in ensuring general wellbeing for your feline and / or canine companion.  But I get that it can be really challenging knowing what is the best diet to feed your pet. That's why I created the #RealFood4Pets Challenge.



  • FREE real food meal plan
  • Guidance from a pet nutritionist
  • Community support
  • Improve your pet's diet today


The #RealFood4Pets Challenge is a two-week program where you will learn how to transition your pet's diet to one that is healthy, balanced and fresh. It's perfect for you if you are currently feeding your cat or dog a processed dried or canned diet.
When you take part in the #RealFood4Pets Challenge, you will receive the tools to help you start transitioning your pet today to a diet that will improve their health and get them on track to living a long, healthy and happy life.
What do you get?
  • A FREE real food meal plan
  • A grocery list
  • A prep guide
  • An Optimum Health Info Pack
  • A #RealFood4Pets Journal
  • Guidance from a pet nutritionist
  • Community support
  • And so much more!
The #RealFood4Pets Challenge kicks off on Saturday, 23 June 2018.
About one week before the Challenge, you will receive your FREE real food meal plan, grocery list and prep guide. These tools will help to ensure you have everything ready for when the Challenge kicks off. You'll also be given access to the #RealFood4Pets Challenge Facebook Group where you can ask me questions and receive general support throughout the duration of the Challenge. You will also be able to share your experience with others who are doing the Challenge with you.
Most importantly, you will not be left alone to struggle and find your way. I will be there to help you and motivate you, and so will other members of the #RealFood4Pets Challenge Facebook Group.
So what do you think? Are you ready to reset your pet's health, to get them started on a diet that is going to improve their wellness and set them up for a long, healthy and happy life?
If you are ready, join the #RealFood4Pets Challenge today by clicking the button below.


1. When does the #RealFood4Pets Challenge start?

Saturday, 23 June 2018

2. When does the #RealFood4Pets Challenge end?

The #RealFood4Pets Challenge wraps up on Friday, 6 July 2018.

3. How long does the #RealFood4Pets Challenge go for?

Two weeks. This ensures you have enough time to get started with transitioning your pet's diet with my support and guidance along the way.

4. I already feed my pet a fresh food diet. Is the #RealFood4Pets Challenge for me?

If you're already feeding your cat or dog a fresh food diet, that's fantastic! There's no need for you to take part in the Challenge.

5. My pet has a health condition. Will the #RealFood4Pets Challenge help with that?

The #RealFood4Pets Challenge will provide general pet nutrition advice only. It is not formulated to help pets who are suffering from a health condition. However, in saying that, transitioning your pet to a diet that contains real, fresh food, may improve your pet's health condition. If your pet has a health condition, additional support is required to ensure that they are getting everything they need and that they are not consuming a diet or supplements that might not be beneficial. I will be offering additional paid support during the Challenge for those with pets who have a health condition. Alternatively, you can purchase a nutritional therapy package to ensure your pet is getting the individualised support they need. Find out more here

6. What's with the hashtag?

The hashtag #RealFood4Pets has been created to promote the #RealFood4Pets Challenge and to allow Challenge participants to share and connect with other Challenge participants. You can use it when posting about the Challenge on social media to share your experience and to allow other Challenge participants to find tips and get support from each other. It's primarily a way for us to connect.

7. What happens after the #RealFood4Pets Challenge?

After the Challenge you will be able to continue with transitioning your pet's diet.  I will ensure that you have the tools to help you do that.

8. How much does the #RealFood4Pets Challenge cost?

Nothing! The Challenge is absolutely free!

9. This sounds great! How do I join?

Yay, I'm so happy that you want to join the #RealFood4Pets Challenge! Unfortunately, registration for the #RealFood4Pets Challenge is now closed. Register your interest for the next Challenge by clicking the button below. 

Need help or have questions?

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