​Real Food Diet Checklist For Your Pet
A Checklist to help you feed a healthy diet to your cat or dog for optimum wellness and longevity.
Created by
Animal Naturopath

What Foods Are Best For Your Pet For  Optimum Wellness?

Is your cat or dog suffering from a health condition?
Do you want them to get better using safe, natural remedies?
Perhaps your pet is healthy but you want to ensure they stay that way for as long as possible?
Food is so important in ensuring that our pets stay healthy. It's also crucial for ensuring your cat or dog heals from disease.
Would you like to know the the best foods to feed your pet to help them get better and be healthy?

Find out the best foods to feed your pet for optimum wellness and longevity with the

Real Food Diet Checklist For Your Pet

We all want our fur babies to live a long, healthy and happy life, don't we?
Well in order for that to occur, there is one step that you absolutely must take, which is, feeding your pet a real food diet.
Every day as a pet nutritionist and animal naturopath, I help people, just like you, improve the health of their animals through diet and other natural remedies. With the training and experience that I have obtained, and with an understanding around how difficult it is to wade through the never-ending and conflicting information on the internet, I have created the Real Food Diet Checklist For Your Pet.
The Real Food Diet Checklist For Your Pet will help you to understand the best foods to include in your pet's diet for optimum wellness and longevity.
The Checklist is a 5-page pdf created by me,
Ruth Hatten, cat and dog nutritionist and animal naturopath.
It lists all of the foods I recommend to feed your cat or dog for optimum wellness and longevity.
I'm confident that if you start following the Checklist today, you will see significant improvements in your pet's health AND you will be helping your fur baby prevent disease.
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