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Low Tox Pets

About the Course

Low Tox Pets is an online course for committed pet parents who would like to learn about the impacts toxins have on their pets, sources of toxins their pets might be exposed to and strategies for minimising their pet's toxic load for optimal health and wellbeing. Course includes: - Four video lessons - Low Tox Course Manual - Low Tox Protocols - Toxic Load Checklist The four video lessons cover the following modules: MODULE 1 - Lesson #1 - Introduction: Toxic load - what is it and why does it matter? Why are pets more susceptible to toxins? MODULE 2 - Lessons #2 and #3 - Sources of Toxins: Main sources of toxins that cats and dogs are exposed to - an in-depth exploration of the toxins that may be harming your pet. MODULE 3 - Lesson #4 - Low Tox Strategies How to reduce your pet's toxic load. Includes practical, comprehensive strategies and protocols (diet, supplements, etc) for reducing your pet's toxic load. Facilitated by Ruth Hatten, animal naturopath, pet nutritionist and low tox coach.

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