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Hi, I'm Ruth.
I'm an animal lover, animal naturopath, pet nutritionist, energy healer and plant based coach.
I adore animals and I specialise in their health and wellbeing.
Over the past six years, I have helped hundreds of animals around the world feel healthier using nutrition and natural remedies. I have also helped people eat less animals and thrive on a plant based diet with my supportive and non-judgemental coaching programs.
My mission is to help animals be healthier and happier with my combined approach of animal naturopathy, energy healing and plant based coaching. 
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Lovely words from the humans of some of the animals I've helped:


Bev & Hugo

Hugo had been diagnosed with an unconfirmed possible pancreatitis attack. I immediately started feeding him his new diet and am very pleased to say that he has been doing very well on it. Not once has he rejected any of the new ingredients in his food, he has more energy, is much more playful and I am thrilled about the comments he gets. A big thank you Ruth. If you are having problems with your “Furbabies” consider contacting Ruth Hatten. In all probability she can help you.

Kellie & Louis

My beautiful boy Louis somehow contracted Giardiasis. He was extremely unwell & I really didn’t want to continue on the hardcore antibiotics that the pet hospital & Vet recommended. Enter Ruth, our miracle worker! After 1 week on Ruth’s Plan I noticed a considerable improvement in Louis & when he had his 6 week vet check for Giardia, it was no longer present. Louis has been in optimum health ever since he has been under Ruth’s care. If you really love your pet & want to set them on the path to optimum health & nutrition, you really should contact Ruth; her advice & expertise in canine nutrition is amazing! 

Trish & Zak

The improvement in Zak's general health and well-being since Ruth first saw him has been amazing. Slowly but steadily Zak's skin condition has improved and the incessant licking of his paws has certainly decreased. At 14 and a half years old, Ruth has been able to give Zak a much better quality of life and I am so thankful and deeply grateful for the genuine love and care she has shown Zak these last few months.


My musings on all things animal wellness...

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​I'm a lover of animals, a pet nutritionist, an animal naturopath, an energy healer and a plant based coach. Just doing my bit to help animals live a happier life. 

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