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Natural and holistic solutions for helping your animal achieve optimal health and live their best life.
You can give your animal the happiest, healthiest and best life possible. A life that not only honours who they are, but why they are here.

You have the desire to care for your animal naturally and holistically, but perhaps you feel pulled by society to follow the 'normal' or 'conventional' way of doing things. You might feel unsure, confused or even overwhelmed about the steps you need to take to nurture your animal in a way that helps them live their happiest, healthiest and best life possible. Ruth is here to guide you on this journey.

Most of the animals that Ruth helps have one or a multitude of chronic health issues.

Their humans have tried a myriad of strategies to help their animal but sadly, without success. Ruth is able to identify the factors that have contributed to the animal’s health issue and devise strategies to help the animal build strong health foundations, improve their overall health and wellbeing, and set them on the path to healing.

At the same time, Ruth holds space for the humans. She helps them to understand their role in their animal’s health and wellbeing, to learn skills on how to show up as a better pet parent and foster a deeper heart-soul connection, and to navigate challenges that will almost always arise when supporting an animal to heal.


With her skill set in animal naturopathy, pet nutrition and energy healing, Ruth Hatten helps animal lovers nurture their animals in natural and holistic ways that support their whole being - body, mind and soul.

She understands what it’s like to feel anxious about your animal's health and to desperately want to help them, but have no idea where to even start when it comes to caring for them naturally.


Through her unique approach, Ruth has helped hundreds of animal lovers gain clarity about how to care for their animals naturally, and to feel supported in doing so.


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"Ruth's blends and protocols are incredible and amazingly supportive for your furbabies."

My three beautiful furbabies have been on their herbal supplement protocol for the last 2 months and we have moved the needle dramatically on their health. Clearer eyes, fresh breath, clean teeth, soft silky coats, incredible behaviour, amazing clean elimination.


I’ve always been a huge advocate of herbal remedies for pets and I can not see this changing. Ruth’s blends and protocols are incredible and amazingly supportive for your furbabies. Don’t delay supporting your furbabies on all levels, they too deserve to live their most fruitful and satisfied life.

- Bethany Swiggs
Image by Matt Seymour


Helping you give your animals the healthiest, happiest and best possible life.

A life that accords with natural principles, recognises their individual, unique and whole selves. That respects and honours your animal for who they are on all levels, and why they are here.

1:1 Support

Image by Ryan Christodoulou

Get 1:1 support for your animal that is focussed on supporting their whole being - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Holistic Animal Wellness Library


Like to learn more about holistic animal wellness? Check out Ruth's Holistic Animal Wellness Library. Get instant access to resources that will help you understand how to help your animal be well and thrive.

Work With Me
Ruth also works with animal loving businesses and practitioners.

With expertise in pet nutrition and naturopathy, Ruth guides businesses in the formulation of natural foods and supplements.


With almost ten years in practice, Ruth guides practitioners on techniques and protocols to support animals and their humans.

"We've never seen her enjoy her meals so much"

We sought out Ruth's holistic health and nutritional support for our dog (2 year old Rottie girl), Nala's, recovery from a joint injury and recurrent ear yeast.

Not only has the diet plan and supplementation helped Nala recover and overcome her condition, but we've never seen her enjoy her meals so much (and my wife & I actually really enjoy the fortnightly wholefoods-based meal prep).

We've already recommended Ruth's services to a couple of our friends.

- Adam Hamilton
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Help your animal have optimum wellness with the Holistic Guide to Caring For Your Pet


Helping businesses and animal health practitioners who are passionate about improving the health of animals using natural and holistic practices.

Get expert support so that you can bring your product or service ideas into fruition - helping to improve the lives of animals. Together, we can make a difference.

Commercial Consulting

Commercial Consulting.png

Professional support for businesses interested in formulating natural, health promoting products for animals including foods and supplements.

Practitioner Mentoring

Happy Women

Mentor with Ruth to learn new skills, grow your practice, help more animals and their people, for assistance with treatment protocols etc.

Animal Loving Businesses

"She really knows her stuff."

Our experience working with Ruth was excellent. We cant speak highly enough of Ruth, she was very responsive, very knowledgeable, very professional and a pleasure to deal with. She really knows her stuff.

- Ben & Anna of Ocean Forest Farm
Image by Jamie Street
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