Energy Healing

Energy healing can be a powerful adjunct to nutritional support, as well as being a beneficial standalone treatment.

Ruth is a qualified Reiki, Seichim and Ashati practitioner supporting animals and their humans through single treatments and her signature offering, Reiki For You & Your Fur Baby.


Energy healing can help to unlock the natural healing ability of animals (both human and non-human). It does this by helping the mind and body relax, which then allows for a rebalance of systems within the body and then, ultimately, that is when the healing begins.

Energy healing is especially beneficial for clearing emotional wounds. Healing can occur in just one session but usually multiple sessions are necessary.

White Plants
Matter is Energy... Energy is Light... We are all Light Beings
Albert Einstein
We are all energetic beings. You and your fur babe are beings made of energy, of light. Your fur babe is connected to you at a very deep soul level. This close relationship means that your fur babe can take on your energy.

Because of this "energy  transference" between you and your fur babe, when you receive Energy Healing it is not only you that benefits. Your fur babe benefits too.
The lighter your energy is, the lighter their energy is. The less worry and stress in your life, the less worry and stress in their life.

Calm and relaxation can bring about healing, for both you and your fur babe.
Sometimes your fur babe can carry the energy of an illness that you have. Ruth has seen this in energy healing sessions with clients and their animals - both beings experiencing the same physical ailment, or an ailment within the same bodily system.

In addition to offering Energy Healing sessions for animals, Ruth also offers energy healing sessions for both animals and their humans. In these sessions, you and your fur babe will both receive energy healing at the same time. These sessions can be very powerful as they help with clearing the shared energies and blockages that exist between you and your fur babe.

Find out more about the benefits of Energy Healing below and by reading this article.

Through balancing the body, energy healing may assist with:
  • Enhancing overall wellbeing

  • Strengthening the immune system

  • Accelerating healing following surgery, injury or illness

  • Promoting relaxation

  • Relieving stress, anxiety and fear

  • Providing comfort and relieves pain

  • Balancing energy

  • Supporting the body's natural healing processes

  • Providing support at end of life and through transition

  • Helping emotional trauma, such as abuse, neglect and loss

  • Relieving allergy and allergy symptoms

  • Increasing vitality and stamina

  • Assisting rescues with transition into new home and family

  • Soothing high strung and highly sensitive animals

  • Removing energy blockages

  • Providing relief from arthritis, rheumatism and other debilitating conditions

  • Delaying the onset and progression of disease

  • Energising and revitalising ageing animals

  • Helping to alleviate lethargy and depression

  • Helping with moving house, introduction to, or loss of another pet

  • Reducing behavioural challenges and aggression

  • Complementing medical treatments


Marcie, Isabella & Tutu

Ruth is an animal angel. My furry babies both had suffered trauma and she healed them with distance reiki, her treatment helped to heal me too.


Our special Tu Tu and Isabella are very peaceful and happy and this experience has been very enlightening.


Thank you beautiful Ruth xx

"My mission is to teach others that there is another way to care for animals. A way that is different to the mainstream model of care, which is, in many respects, failing animals." 

The model of care that Ruth teaches and applies honours animals and nature. It incorporates natural health modalities. It honours the natural being-ness of animals, the natural characteristics and desires of animals. It is a model of care that completely honours the inherent value of nature and animals.  

Staying true to her values of love and respect for animals and her appreciation and admiration for the powerful healing ways of nature has helped Ruth to create a service that she has is proud of.  It has enabled Ruth to achieve positive and long term results for animals, time and time again.