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A short practice for connecting with your fur babe via their Brachial Chakra.


The Brachial Chakra is the main chakra within an animal’s body. It connects to, and activates, all other chakras. It represents the human animal bond - the relationship and the spiritual connection between us.


To learn more about your fur babe's Brachial Chakra, read this blog post.


You can use this practice when you would like to connect in with your fur babe and receive their healing energy.

One of the reasons our animals share their lives with us is to support us and give us unconditional love. In this practice, you will receive healing energy from your fur babe (you can share healing energy with them too). This will honour them by supporting their purpose for being here.

It's also a beautiful opportunity to connect with your fur babe at a soul level.

Enjoy xx

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Get the practice here:

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