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Image by Ryan Christodoulou

1:1 Support for Animal Lovers

Helping you give your animals the healthiest, happiest and best possible life.

Receive personalised attention and care, supporting you with optimising your animal's health.


Personalised attention is the most effective way to ensure optimal results for your animal, especially if your animal is suffering with a health issue. Click the buttons below to learn how Ruth can assist you with 1:1 support.

"Itches and weight fluctuations are thankfully a thing of the past for our boys - I'd give 6 stars if I could!"

Ruth’s genuinely changed the way we think and act, right from our first consult.


What sets Ruth apart for me is her unique combination of skills - from the mind of a lawyer, to the soul of a true animal devotee. In practice, this means that while advocating incredibly well researched natural diets, she maintains a realistic perspective on what’s practically achievable for each family - and that's really what's ensured our ongoing commitment to human-grade feeding of our pups.


Itches and weight fluctuations are thankfully a thing of the past for our boys, and in comparison to the costly and ultimately lifespan threatening treatments we'd been using (well-meaningly of course!), our consult fee was inconsequential (and still one of the best value investments we've made).


We've confidently recommended Ruth to numerous other friends and colleagues who've also deeply valued her excellent advice and unique holistic approach. I'd give 6 stars if I could!

- Anna Jones
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