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Learn how to feed your pet a real food diet for optimum wellness.
Want to feed your fur babe the best diet but you're struggling to navigate all the information out there?

Knowing what's best nutrition-wise for your pet can be a game changer when it comes to optimising your pet's health.

But actually figuring this out can be really challenging! There is so much information out there about pet nutrition and diets, and there are so many different pet foods - how the heck do you figure it all out?!


I've been where you are. Feeding a particular food because I was told it was the best food to feed. Chopping and changing at the behest of clever marketing and other people's advice.

And then seeing that my pets weren't a picture of great health. Knowing intuitively that there had to be another way.

So I studied cat and dog nutrition and animal naturopathy. I wanted to feel empowered to make my own well-informed decisions when it came to what I fed my pets, and I wanted to teach other devoted pet parents to do the same.

In Real Food Nutrition for Pets, I'm going ​to show you exactly what I have learned and teach you the principles that form the basis of what I recommend to my private clients.

The Essentials of the Course:

11 video lessons

7 PDF workbooks

A bunch of bonuses!

Start improving your fur babe's health today.

Over the years, I've helped hundreds of cats and dogs have healthier, happier lives. And regardless of the health issue that they have, I always start from the same place - their diet.

Diet builds foundational health. For your pet's body to function optimally, to heal from and prevent disease, they need strong foundations.

I know that for most pet parents, learning about suitable diets and then making dietary changes can be tough. And that's why I created this course.

I've spent years helping my own animals and other peoples animals. And now I'm ready to help you and your fur babes.

Imagine if you had complete confidence about what you were feeding your pet?

I know, it would be great to be able to receive personalised guidance around the best food for each of the cats and dogs that we have in our lifetime, but not all of us can afford that. Sure, we could try and teach ourselves about real food nutrition for pets, but that could take years and lots of money too.

Here's How The Course Works:
  • Watch the video lessons and read the workbooks to learn all about cat and dog nutrition and real food nutrition.

  • Use the diet plans, meal plans, diet formulas, recipes, commercial pet food recommendations and supplement recommendations to plan out how you're going to feed your pet a healthy, real food diet.

How It Works
The Course Modules:

Module 1 - Why What You Feed Is Important

In this module you'll learn about:

  • why food is medicine

  • how poor nutrition contributes to disease

  • the role of nutrition in ageing

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Module 2 - Commercial Pet Food Stocktake

In this module you'll learn about:

  • Common features of commercial pet food

  • Types of commercial pet food

  • How to decipher pet food labels

Module 3 - Nutrition Requirements of Cats

In this module you'll learn about:

  • Feline evolution

  • Feline anatomy

  • Overview of feline nutrient requirements

African Wild Cat.png

Module 4 - Nutrition Requirements of Dogs

In this module you'll learn about:

  • Canine evolution

  • Canine anatomy

  • Overview of canine nutrient requirements

Module 5 - The Natural Feeding Approach

In this module you'll learn about:

  • What is a natural diet

  • Benefits of a natural diet

  • Nutrient ratios

  • Pathogens

Nature Shadows (2).png
Nature Shadows (4).png

Module 6 - The Natural Cat / Dog Diet

In this module you'll learn about:

  • Macronutrients (Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates)

  • Micronutrients (Vitamins, Minerals)

  • Essential Foods

  • Beneficial Extras

  • Foods to Avoid

  • Feeding for Different Life Stages

  • Different Feeding Approaches

  • Commercial / Home Cooked / Raw Diets

  • Organic vs Conventional Foods

Module 7 - Getting Started

In this module you'll learn about:

  • Preparation

  • Recipes

  • Meal Formulas

  • Meal Planning

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Couse Modules
You Get All Of This:

11 video lessons teaching the 7 course modules on cat and dog nutrition 

Audio files of the 11 video lessons

7 x PDF workbooks covering the 7 course modules

Plus the following bonuses to support you:
The Real Food Diet for Cats and Dogs eBook Bundle

Two 60+ page eBooks with species-specific nutritional guidance, recipes, water requirements, easy home prepping and more.


Real Food Diet Duo Promo 2nd Edition.png
Decoding Pet Food Labels Workshop & Interpretive Guide

A 2 hour workshop plus interpretative guide that teaches you how to understand and interpret commercial pet food labels.


Free Guide Download-2.png
What's Included

YOU - the dedicated pet parent who:

cares about helping your pet to be as healthy as they can be.

is ready to ditch processed pet food once and for all.

would like to learn the ins and outs of pet nutrition.
would like to learn how to feed your pet healthy food.

would like to learn what optimum pet nutrition looks like.

is tired of listening to what other people tell you about what's best for your pet.

wants to feel empowered in making healthy food choices for your pet.
Girl Hugging her Dog
Who's this course for?
Who's It For
This course isn't for you if you want to keep feeding unnatural, processed pet food.
You could continue to feed your fur babe in the same way that you are now, worrying that it's not serving them, or you could learn how to feed your pet a healthy natural diet that you know will help them live a healthy, long and happy life with you.

Your host:

Ruth is a die hard animal lover who left a 17 year career in law behind to follow her dreams of helping animals have happier lives.

With a love of all things nature and natural, Ruth walks the talk in terms of supporting animals with natural solutions - diets that are based on their evolutionary history, what they're designed to eat; and remedies that are gentle (yet effective) and don't cause negative side effects.

Ruth has trained (and continues to train) in animal naturopathy and has qualifications in Small Animal Naturopathy, Nutrition for Companion Pets, Canine Myofunctional Therapy, Manufacturing & Dispensing Herbal Medicine for Companion Pets and Herbal Medicine for Companion Pets.

She is also trained in various forms of energetic modalities and is a certified low tox coach.

As an animal naturopath, Ruth teaches pet parents how to support their animals from a wholistic perspective, which incorporates their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. She also works with pet businesses formulating healthy, natural pet foods and supplements.


As heard on:

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Testimonials from past course participants:

A highly engaging deep dive into animal nutrition led by an incredibly passionate guide. A massive confidence booster on the path to animal wellness. Amazing discussions, such passion for animal nutrition and so much new information to learn.

Katie Bale-Bethel, Queensland Australia

I learnt so much, I feel prepared and supported in welcoming a new family member and I had fun - I really looked forward to each module. It's everything you need to know presented in a super fun and supportive environment by Ruth who is passionate, knowledgeable, relatable and so accommodating - I have already signed up for my next 2 courses.

Susan Netscher, Queensland Australia

This course increased my knowledge in important aspects regarding home cooking and tips for improving the diets of my dogs! It provides a deep and detailed discussion of everything you need to start raw feeding or home cooking for your pet! 

Lyma Colon, Puerto Rico


What will you gain by doing the course?

You will:
  • learn the ins and outs of pet nutrition
  • receive information and resources on what an optimum real food diet for cats and dogs looks like
  • have access to Ruth Hatten, a qualified and experienced animal naturopath and pet nutritionist
  • develop the skill set to be able to tell the difference between food that promotes good health and food that doesn't
  • go from feeling confused and uncertain about what healthy pet food is to feeling confident and empowered in making healthy food decisions for your pet
  • gain comfort knowing that you're doing everything you can to help your pet eat well
  • know exactly what is the best food for your pet, and better yet, your new found knowledge will help create a healthier and happier life for your fur babe

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • When does the course start?
    The course is self-paced so you will have immediate access to start it whenever you're inspired to. You will get immediate access to all of the course materials, for you to travel through at your own pace, as soon as you enrol.
  • When do enrolments close?
    Enrolments for the 2022 live round closed on 28 August 2022. Enrolments never close for the self-paced version.
  • How long is the course?
    When the course was delivered live, it ran for six weeks. If doing the self paced version, the course length will depend on how quickly you move through the course. Ideally, you'll be able to work through one module per week, taking seven weeks to complete the course. Of course, you can always work through the course content at a faster pace.
  • How will the course be delivered?
    The course is delivered via the online course portal. Here you can access the video/audio lessons, workbooks and course bonuses.
  • When will I receive the bonuses?
    The relevant course bonuses will be available in the online course portal from when you sign up.
  • My life is pretty busy, how long will I need to set aside each week to do the course?
    That depends on how quickly you would like to work through the course. If you'd like to complete the course in six weeks, it's recommended that you set aside 2 to 2.5 hours each week. This should give you plenty of time to watch the video lessons (which are approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour in length) and read the related workbook for that week's content.
  • Do I get support and mentoring?
    As this course is self-paced there is no support and mentoring, apart from what is included in the course materials. If you would like additional support, you can book a short consult here.
  • How long do I get access to the course?
    You will have lifetime access to the course.
  • What if I enrol and then decide this course is not for me?
    If you're not sure that this course is right for you, please reach out to ask any questions that you may have prior to enrolling. Refunds are not available for the self-paced version of the course because you are given access to all of the course material upon enrolment.
  • It sounds like there's a lot included in the course - will I be overwhelmed with the course content?
    You're certainly going to learn a lot during the course! But don't worry, Ruth explains everything in easy to understand terms. If you would like additional support, you can book a short consult with Ruth here.
In just seven weeks (if you do one module a week):
You could have absolute confidence around the food your feeding your fur babe.

Your fur babe could be eating a natural, real food diet that sets them up for a life of optimal health.
Get Started

Not sure if this is right for you but curious to find out more?

Ruth Hatten t/as Sahaja Animal Healing 2022

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