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Want to feed your fur babe the best diet but you're struggling to navigate all the information out there?

Knowing what's best nutrition-wise for your pet can be a game changer when it comes to optimising your pet's health.

But actually figuring this out can be really challenging! There is so much information out there about pet nutrition and diets, and there are so many different pet foods - how the heck do you figure it all out?!


I've been where you are. Feeding a particular food because I was told it was the best food to feed. Chopping and changing at the behest of clever marketing and other people's advice.

And then seeing that my pets weren't a picture of great health. Knowing intuitively that there had to be another way.

So I studied cat and dog nutrition and animal naturopathy. I wanted to feel empowered to make my own well-informed decisions when it came to what I fed my pets, and I wanted to teach other devoted pet parents to do the same.

In Real Food Nutrition for Pets, I'm going ​to show you exactly what I have learned and teach you the principles that form the basis of what I recommend to my private clients.


Learn how to feed your pet a real food diet for optimum wellness.
The Essentials of the Course:

9 video lessons

7 PDF workbooks

6 live calls with Ruth

Private online community

A bunch of bonuses!

Start improving your fur babe's health today.

Over the years, I've helped hundreds of cats and dogs have healthier, happier lives. And regardless of the health issue that they have, I always start from the same place - their diet.

Diet builds foundational health. For your pet's body to function optimally, to heal from and prevent disease, they need strong foundations.

I know that for most pet parents, learning about suitable diets and then making dietary changes can be tough. And that's why I created this course.

I've spent years helping my own animals and other peoples animals. And now I'm ready to help you and your fur babes.

Imagine if you had complete confidence about what you were feeding your pet?

I know, it would be great to be able to receive personalised guidance around the best food for each of the cats and dogs that we have in our lifetime, but not all of us can afford that. Sure, we could try and teach ourselves about real food nutrition for pets, but that could take years and lots of money too.

Here's How The Course Works: