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Real Food Nutrition for Pets

About the Course

Want to feed your fur babe the best diet but you're struggling to navigate all the information out there? Knowing what's best nutrition-wise for your pet can be a game changer when it comes to optimising your pet's health. But actually figuring this out can be really challenging! There is so much information out there about pet nutrition and diets, and there are so many different pet foods - how the heck do you figure it all out?! Diet builds foundational health. For your pet's body to function optimally, to heal from and prevent disease, they need strong foundations. I know that for most pet parents, learning about suitable diets and then making dietary changes can be tough. And that's why I created this course. The Course includes: 11 video lessons Audio files of the video lessons 7 course manuals The Real Food Diet for Dogs eBook The Real Food Diet for Cats eBook Decoding Pet Food Labels Masterclass The 11 video lessons cover the following modules: MODULE 1 - Why What You Feed Your Pet Is Important MODULE 2 - Commercial Pet Food Stocktake MODULE 3 - Nutrition Requirements of Cats MODULE 4 - Nutrition Requirements of Dogs MODULE 5 - The Natural Feeding Approach MODULE 6 - The Natural Cat / Dog Diet MODULE 7 - Getting Started Facilitated by Ruth Hatten, animal naturopath and pet nutritionist.

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