Here are some free resources to help get you started with learning how to support your fur babe's total wellbeing. There are resources here that cover a whole range of topics, from diet to supplements and herbs to gut health and allergies, and even the soul connection that exists between human and animal.

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Holistic Guide to Caring For Your Pet

Discover the 10 steps that will help your fur babe achieve optimum wellness.

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Win a Diet Review!

Apply now for a free pet diet review. A winner every month!

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Animal Chakra Healing Practice

A guided audio practice for connecting with your fur babe via their Brachial Chakra.



Get a natural, holistic perspective on different options and strategies for supporting your fur babe.

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Listen to podcast and radio interviews where Ruth has been interviewed on a wide range of topics relating to pet health.

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Human Animal Connection

A masterclass to help you discover how deep the connection with your fur babe goes and how to navigate life together.