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Learn how to reduce your pet's toxin exposure for better health.
Welcome to Low Tox Pets
An online course for committed pet parents who would like to learn about the impacts toxins have on their pets, sources of toxins their pets might be exposed to and strategies for minimising their pet's toxic load for optimal health and wellbeing.

This is an online group experience delivered over four weeks, and facilitated by Ruth Hatten, animal naturopath, pet nutritionist and low tox coach.

Course starts Tuesday, 1 November 2022.
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Did you know...?
Your animal is exposed to toxins every day. And these toxins can have a negative impact on your pet's health.

The more toxins your pet is exposed to, the higher their toxic load, and the greater chance they have of experiencing health issues and ageing prematurely.

When you reduce your animal's toxic load, you'll be helping them to achieve a better state of health. 


Toxins come in all shapes and sizes and your pet will be exposed to them via the food they eat, the water they drink, the supplements or medications you give them, the products you use in your home and so on.

Sure, we're exposed to toxins too, but cats and dogs suffer a greater impact. This is because of factors like their size, compressed life span, behaviours etc. This means that the risk of your pet getting sick from toxin exposure is much higher than it is for you.

But you don't need to freak out, because I've got your back.

In Low Tox Pets, you will learn about the sources of toxins that your pet is exposed to, the impacts of these toxins and discover strategies for reducing the toxins that are impacting your pet's health and longevity. 

Who's this course for
This course is for you if you want to:
Learn about the toxins your pet is exposed to

Get clear on the toxins that your pet is exposed to and how they might be negatively impacting your pet's health and wellbeing.

Understand ways for reducing your pet's toxic load

Get access to the strategies and protocols developed by Ruth that she uses with private clients to detox animals and minimise toxic load.

Receive guidance from a qualified animal naturopath

Get support and guidance from a qualified and experienced animal naturopath and certified low tox coach.

What's Included
Here's what you'll receive:

4 live video lessons

Be guided through each of the course

modules and have the opportunity to discuss and ask questions

Low Tox Course Manual

All of the course content written down in a downloadable PDF file that's easy to navigate and easy on the eyes.

Low Tox


Downloadable PDF protocols including Ruth's Low Tox Diet Protocol and Detox Protocol.

Toxic Load Checklist

A handy PDF checklist so you can perform a toxic load stocktake on your pet, and get Ruth's feedback on how to reduce the toxic load.

Private online community

A private space where you can ask questions, receive feedback and connect with like minded pet parents.

Early Bird bonuses!

Enrol before 23 October 2022 and receive the Real Food Diet eBook Bundle, the Guide to Natural Parasite Prevention and $50 off the course fee.

Here are the topics we're going to cover:
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Module 1 (Lesson 1)


Toxic load - what is it and why does it matter?

Why are pets more susceptible to toxins?

Low Tox Pets - cat.png

Module 2 (Lessons 2 & 3)


Main sources of toxins that cats and dogs are exposed to - an in-depth exploration of the toxins that may be harming your pet.

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Module 3 (Lesson 4)



How to reduce your pet's toxic load. Includes practical, comprehensive strategies and protocols (diet, supplements, etc) for reducing your pet's toxic load.