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Sahaja Animal Tribe is my private online community for all of you who are seeking guidance on how to support your cat or dog with natural nutrition and other natural wellness solutions.
In this private online space, away from distractions, you will receive guidance from a qualified and experienced pet nutritionist and animal naturopath and have community support from likeminded people looking to do the best they can to help their cats and dogs achieve optimum wellness using natural wellness solutions.
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You might be wondering, what does Sahaja mean?
Sahaja is a Sanskrit word that means innate, natural, inherent. Let's break that down.
For those of you who don't know, Sanskrit is an ancient language. It is considered to be the oldest language in the world. Its use can be found in the scriptures of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. And it is considered to be the language of yoga. It is believed that when you pronounce a Sanskrit word, you tap into the consciousness of the word. Isn't that just beautiful?
Innate means inborn, natural.
Inherent means existing in something as permanent, essential or characteristic attribute.
Natural has various meanings including:
  • existing in or derived from nature;
  • in accordance with the nature of, or circumstances surrounding, someone or something.
So you can see, there is a flow between each of these three words - innate, inherent, natural. These three words explain the approach that I use when helping animals achieve optimum health. I use and recommend only natural products (existing in or derived from nature). I make recommendations that take into account the natural processes and functioning of the species, what is natural to them (innate) and what is characteristic of them (inherent).
Why did I choose a Sanskrit word?
When I was in the early stages of studying animal naturopathy, I went to an elemental yoga training retreat in Bali. Whilst there, enraptured by all that is yoga and surrounded by nature, divine spiritual wisdom and glorious serenity, I developed my business logo. Shortly after returning from Bali, I brainstormed my business name and chose Sahaja Animal Healing. In English, you could translate this as Natural Animal Healing, however I desired a name that not only represented the work I did, but represented a part of me.
And so fast forward to the creation of this private online community, the Sahaja Animal Tribe. A private space where like-minded people can learn and share about natural ways of supporting animals that respect the inherent naturalness of animals.
I can't wait to see you in there xx


HEAL provides your animal with remote energy healing on a monthly basis.
For just $10 a month, your animal (or even you!) can receive a distant healing ($10 per animal / human). It's like a mini tune-up. To create a better situation or to help heal a problem.
The healings occur each month on the Thursday closest to the Full Moon. 
Prior to the Full Moon, you'll receive an email from me asking how your animal is feeling now, what they're experiencing, and how you would like them to be/feel, for example:
- your cat is currently constipated and you would like them to be able to let go; or
- your dog has been vomiting and you would like him to have better digestion; or
- your cat has been urinating outside the litter tray and you would like her to feel comfortable urinating in the litter tray; or
- your dog has been anxious and you would like him to be able to relax;
- you have welcomed a new cat into your home, your other cat is put out and you would like your other cat to feel comfortable accepting the new cat.
The options are endless!
Please note, if your animal is experiencing a health issue, please visit your animal's vet to rule out any disease/illness.