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Learn all about medicinal mushrooms for pets!

20 July 2022, 6.30pm

Mushroom Magic Masterclass!

Have you heard of medicinal mushrooms?

Perhaps you've heard that they have benefits for animals?

Are you curious to learn more?

Mushrooms often get a bad wrap when it comes to being safe for animals. Perhaps you've read that they're toxic for pets?

Mushrooms have been used as medicine for centuries, and the research on the benefits of medicinal mushrooms is ever-growing. They are definitely worthy of attention!

In this live masterclass, Ruth Hatten, animal naturopath, will be exploring medicinal mushrooms with you - what they are, their benefits, how they can be used and much more.

Masterclass Host:
Ruth Hatten, Animal Naturopath

Ruth is an animal naturopath, pet nutritionist and energy worker. 

Since 2015, Ruth has helped hundreds of animals around the world feel healthier using her holistic wellness approach. She teaches pet parents how to help their fur babes thrive with species appropriate nutrition and natural remedies.

In this masterclass you will learn:

Who's this masterclass for?

Dedicated pet parents who would like to learn about the benefits of medicinal mushrooms for their fur babes and how to incorporate them into their pet's diet for optimal health benefits.

What's included?
  • Access to the 90 minute live masterclass, including Q&A session.
  • Recording of the masterclass.
  • eBook.
When is it on?
Wednesday, 20 July 2022 at 6.30pm AEST.
How much is it?

Ruth is very knowledgeable, lovely to work with, dedicated, and explains everything clearly. She has an all rounded approach. I'm so glad we connected and I highly recommend working with Ruth to optimise the health of your best friend/s.

- Sarah Spann, Dog Mum

I really enjoyed Ruth Hatten's webinar on pet nutrition. I want to make sure I'm doing the best I can for our much loved chocolate Labrador, and making sure we're feeding her what she needs is an important part of that. Ruth was respectful of time on her webinar making sure the information was the focus, and it was delivered in an easy to understand way. Thanks Ruth!

- Danielle Butler, Dog Mum

Ruth is very engaging, professional and gets straight to the point in a way that is easy to understand. She has a knack for giving a lot of valuable information in a short amount of time. Ruth is so passionate about what she does - it's obvious to me that she cares as much about my animals as I do.

- Cathy Wieden, Cat Mum

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