Plant Based Diets

for Dogs

Do you find it difficult feeding meat to your dog?

Perhaps you're a vegan or a vegetarian and just the idea of having meat in your house disturbs you.

As a vegan myself, I know how challenging it can be to feed other animals to our companion animals. Whilst I don't recommend a plant based diet for cats, I have witnessed dogs thrive on plant based diets.

A plant based diet won't suit every dog. There may be health complications and it maybe your dog just won't eat a solely plant based diet. Enjoyment of food is an important consideration in formulating a wellness plan for your dog.

Unfortunately, a lot of the plant based pet foods available today are highly processed and contain a lot of artificial ingredients.  Therefore, they are not health promoting and the risk of disease increases.


I can help you formulate a plan that contains natural plant based foods that will give your dog all the nutrients he or she needs for optimum wellness and longevity.

Each of my nutritional therapy programs can be modified to suit a plant based diet for your dog.

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