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11 Natural Dog Recipes to Treat Your Pup

During a recent Skype consult, a client sought my recommendations for natural dog biscuit recipes. Whilst I have some recipes on my website (including the recipe for Meow Morsels, which is great for both dogs and cats!), I wanted to offer my client more, and quicker then if I took the time to create them myself! I offered to search the web for natural dog treat recipes that would earn my tick of approval. And so I have done just this! I have scoured the internet and found for you some really fantastic all-natural doggy treat recipes!!

Some recipes require a little bit of tinkering in order to receive my tick of approval, but only slightly.

Generally speaking, where wheat flour is stated as an ingredient, I recommend substituting for a non wheat version like spelt (related to wheat but can be tolerated by wheat sensitive pups), oat or buckwheat. It is ok to use wheat if your dog doesn’t have an intolerance or allergy, but unless you have actually determined this by incorporating an elimination diet or allergy testing, you are not going to know whether an intolerance or allergy exists. I like to err on the safe side of things when it comes to wheat and choose to use wheat substitutes for my dog. It is also what I recommend to clients.

Other modifications include using free range, organic meat and eggs.

I also don’t recommend the use of dairy for the same reason as I don’t recommend wheat. Look for substitutes like coconut milk based products (look here for a super delicious coconut milk recipe!). Where low fat or reduced fat dairy products are stated, I recommend using the full fat version as it’s better to eat food in as close to its whole natural state as possible.

Where canola oil is stated, substitute with the much healthier coconut oil.

For my last modification, I recommend substituting peanut butter for tahini.

Peanut butter contains aflatoxins, a potent human carcinogen. It is a naturally occurring toxic metabolite produced by certain fungi (Aspergillus) which is found on food products such as corn and peanuts (it can also be found on beans, rice, tree nuts and wheat and if animals are given feed contaminated with aflatoxins, the aflatoxin mycotoxins can end up in milk, eggs and meat).

The occurrence of aflatoxins is influenced by weather - the warmer and wetter the climate, the greater the occurrence of aflatoxins.

Pets have died from eating pet food containing aflatoxins.

It has been suggested that coconut oil added to peanut butter can help to avoid the effects of aflatoxins. If you don’t want to make your own, Mayver’s makes a yummy peanut and coconut spread which you might like to substitute for standard peanut butter.

Another concern with peanut butter is that the cheaper brands can contain trans-fatty acids, a highly toxic fat that can cause diabetes, heart disease and chronic inflammation.

If you choose to use peanut butter, look for brands containing only peanuts or peanuts and salt. Raw is best as the process of roasting nuts can cause the fats in peanuts to go rancid. Be sure to avoid peanut butter containing trans fats, sugar and other additives as well.

Now, time for the recipes!!!!

We hope you enjoy them and would love to hear from you how the recipes turned out and how much your pup loved them :)


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