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Are you feeding your pet too many treats?

People just love giving their pets treats (dogs especially!)! And why not, we love our fur kids and we want to treat them.

But, there can be times when the treats take over! And they may not be the best thing for your pet.

All of the little extra bits you feed your dog or cat can add up to a lot of extra calories and they can unbalance their diet if you’re not careful.

Think about the treats and extras you give your pet. Some doggy or kitty treats here, a bit of cheese there to help the medicine go down, some of your leftovers, the treat at the groomers and perhaps even some dental chews.

Some of the treats you’re feeding may be healthy (ie human grade, real food, no preservatives, colours or flavours) but you can still feed too much of a good thing. And if you’re feeding meat-based treats to your dog, this could mean you’re tipping over the edge on the protein scale. (Yes, dogs can eat too much protein!!)

If your dog or cat is looking a bit pudgy, it could be because of all the treats and extras.

So how much is the right amount?

I recommend no more than 10% of your pet’s diet come from treats or food that is not your pet’s main food. Your pet’s main meals are the most important food you are feeding! This is the best place to be spending money on your cat or dog - on their main meals, not on the bells and whistles.

So save some money (OR spend it on better quality foods for your pet’s main meals!), give your pet the best chance of eating a healthy and balanced diet and shed some unnecessary grams (or kilos!) at the same time.

Ruth Hatten is an animal naturopath and pet nutritionist. She is based on the Sunshine Coast and travels frequently to see clients in Brisbane. She also offers the majority of her services online. Find out more here.

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