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Connecting with your animal with meditation and mantra

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Meditation and mantra are two beautiful ways that you can deepen the connection with your animal.

I've been doing some form of regular meditation on and off for years now. In the past few weeks, I've started a new practice which involves clearing my chakras and reciting mantra. More often than not, Elvy will hear me, or hear the particular music track that I play in the background, and he will come and lie next to me. It's so beautiful to connect with him in this way.

Not only am I receiving great benefit from this meditation practice, Elvy is too.


In its simplest terms, meditation is about focusing on the present moment. And animals do this so well.

Meditation doesn't have to be complicated. It can be as simple as closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. Or keeping your eyes gently open and focusing on an image or a scene before you.

Animals love to meditate! Those horses and cows just standing there in the field. They're probably meditating. Your cat or dog in stillness, with eyes half closed. They're probably meditating.

Animals are masters at mindfulness, at being present in this moment, right now.

When we're present in the moment, our worry and anxiety can dissipate. We're not thinking about yesterday. We're not thinking about tomorrow. Just being here right now, with the wonderful companionship of our animals. Just being, together.

And when you have less worry and less anxiety, you're calmer within yourself. Animals pick up on our energy. When we're calm, it helps them to feel calm. When we're anxious, stressed out, worried, they too can feel this.

And it's not just that they pick up on our energy. Out of pure unconditional love for us, they take it on, to shift it, transmute it, move it out of us for our own benefit.

This is why I always say, if you truly want to take the best care of your animals, and help them to have a joyous life, as well as making sure they have a healthy diet, they're moving regularly etc, you must take care of you.

When we mediate with our animals, we can deepen our bond.

Instead of spending time playing, vocalising, we're being with our animals in a serene, calm, quiet, peaceful space. It truly is beautiful to connect in this way.

When we meditate with our animals, we imprint their consciousness. What do I mean by that?.......

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