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What are you feeding your pet?

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

This, or some version of it, is one of the first questions I ask potential clients, new clients and existing clients.

Why? Not because I'm a nosy parker (although to be honest, I can actually be quite nosy!! Hehe).

Because what you're feeding your pet is essential to good health.

You know this, right?

Most of the clients I work with have sick animals. By sick, I mean they have a health condition eg food sensitivities / allergies, kidney disease, cancer, pancreatitis, IBD, mould toxicity, skin issues, bacterial / yeast infections, urinary disorders, diabetes, thyroid issues, anxiety and so on.

No matter the condition, one of the first strategies to support an unwell animal is to feed a whole food, species appropriate (aka real food) diet.

Nutrition builds the foundations of health. So if your animal has a health issue, and an unhealthy (aka processed) diet is continued to be fed, it is unlikely that your animal will ever truly recover from their health issue. They won't achieve optimal health. They will continue to need those meds, or continue to suffer, for the rest of their life.

Sure, we can support them with natural and safe remedies, support their weaknesses, which in turn will reduce the severity of their symptoms, but they will probably still continue to have some semblance of their health issue that hangs around. That you have to continue to support going forward.

The body needs strong foundations to operate at its optimum.

What builds those strong foundations?

You know right, because I already said it.

It's nutrition, diet, that builds strong health foundations.

When you feed a healthy, real food diet, you are supporting your fur babe to have strong health foundations so that their body can function well and have a good chance of fighting the condition, healing from the condition, or slowing down the progression of an incurable disease.

Don't have a sick animal, or an animal with any health issues?

What you feed is still just as important.

When you feed your fur babe a real food diet, you are building the strong health foundations that will give your pet the absolute best chance of avoiding a health issue, of avoiding disease.

A real food diet isn't kibble. It's not dried, processed food. It's not canned food. It's not pet grade meat products.

These foods are not health promoting. They won't assist with the construction of those strong health foundations we've spoken about.

  • They are cooked at high temperatures, which results in nutrient loss (as well as colour and flavour loss).

  • They contain high levels of carbohydrates, which cats and dogs don't even have a nutrient requirement for.

  • They contain synthetic vitamins and minerals, to replace the nutrients that have been lost because of the high processing methods.

  • They can contain artificial flavours, to replace the flavour that's been cooked out of the ingredients.

  • They can contain aflatoxins - a type of food mould that can cause serious health issues.

  • They contain preservatives.

There are many other reasons why processed pet foods are not healthy foods for your pet. But the reasons I've listed should give you a fair idea.

And they are all reasons that contribute to these foods not being the best option for your pet.

Many health conditions arise because of poor (processed pet food) nutrition.

So what can you do about it if you want to improve your pet's diet?

You can learn what real food nutrition looks like. And then you can take what you've learned and start to feed your fur babe a real food diet. A diet that will give them everything they need, that won't cause health issues and that will help them to live a healthy, happy and long life.

The best way that I can support you right now to learn what a real food diet would look like for your fur babe, and then to start feeding a real food diet, is with my Real Food Nutrition for Pets course.

Enrolments are now open.

Learning about real food nutrition for pets is a game changer. It will build those strong health foundations. It will help your fur babe heal from disease. It will help your fur babe slow the progression of an incurable disease. It will help your fur babe prevent disease.

Are you ready to do this? Change the game of your pet's health for the better?

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Ruth Hatten is a Holistic Animal Care Mentor with qualifications in animal naturopathy, pet nutrition and energy healing. She helps animals using holistic principles and natural remedies, including naturopathy, nutrition, plant medicine, energy and spirituality. Ruth believes that animals can thrive when they are supported in this way.​

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