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Is hiring an animal nutritionist too expensive?

The bond we form with our companion animals is unique and so special. The thought of being without them is too hard to bear. Of course there will come a time when she's no longer there to bring a smile to your face but you want to keep that day as far away as possible.

You give her lots of love, you feed her, you play with her, you take her to the vet when she get's sick.

You love your furry companion unconditionally and you want to ensure she is healthy and happy and lives for a long time.

Perhaps you've thought about hiring an animal nutritionist to help with making sure that you're feeding your cat or dog the best diet possible. After all, nutrition is the foundation of good health.

Perhaps your vet has prescribed food for your cat or dog and you trust that your vet is qualified to advise you on appropriate nutrition for your furry companion.

Perhaps you're worried that an animal nutritionist will tell you to buy food for your cat or dog that is more expensive, and it's enough just paying for your family to eat as it is.

And so your thought to hire an animal nutritionist has been pushed to the side.

But is hiring an animal nutritionist too expensive?

First, if you're feeding vet prescribed food, you're already spending a pretty penny on dog/cat food.

Second, if you're feeding commercial pet food (including vet prescribed food), your cat or dog will likely need veterinary care that can ultimately end up costing you thousands.

Before we delve into the costs of hiring an animal nutritionist, let's consider:

What does an animal nutritionist do?

An animal nutritionist can help you to formulate a diet for your beloved furry companion to ensure she achieves optimum nutrition from her food.

The diet will be specific to your furry companion's needs. There is no one size fits all approach.

The animal nutritionist will consider your budget and will make recommendations for the best diet for your furry companion that you can afford.

What are the benefits of hiring an animal nutritionist?

Rather than just focussing on a particular symptom your furry companion might be experiencing, like itchy skin for example, an animal nutritionist will consider the whole health of your animal when recommending a diet to you.

She will consider what is appropriate for the species of your pet and any particular dietary requirements your pet may have, such as allergies.

She may also recommend natural remedies to assist your furry companion with any necessary healing.

Ultimately, what your animal nutritionist will provide you is A LIFELONG SOLUTION for ensuring optimum nutrition for your furry companion.

Let's consider this with respect to the cost of hiring an animal nutritionist.

Your animal nutritionist will either charge by individual consult or by an all-inclusive package. On average, you might expect to pay anywhere between $80 to $150 per consult.

What you get from working with an animal nutritionist more than compensates for the cost of hiring one, and on top of this, veterinary costs will reduce. The majority of illnesses suffered by cats and dogs today are due to diet.

The more nutritionally sound your furry companion's diet is = the healthier your furry companion is = the less veterinary assistance she will require = the less money you will need to spend on her care.

What should you look for when hiring an animal nutritionist?

  • Make sure the animal nutritionist is qualified.

  • See if you can chat to the animal nutritionist before you book a consultation, and have a look at their website and social media. This will provide you the opportunity to assess whether you want to work with this person.

  • Consider whether you would prefer to see an animal nutritionist in her clinic or whether she does home visits. Travelling can be stressful for some animals and you want to avoid as much stress as possible. It's also beneficial for the nutritionist to see your furry companion in their natural, relaxed state.

Curious about hiring an animal nutritionist to ensure your cat or dog lives a long, healthy and happy life? Contact me today to book your free introductory consult.

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