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Optimise Your Dog's Nutrition - Naturally

Start 2017 on the right paw.

Sahaja Animal Healing, surburban pup and The Hound Hutt are proud to present:

Optimise Your Dog's Nutrition - Naturally

Kibble, tinned or vet-prescribed? Grain-free, raw or home-made? So many options, and so much conflicting information. Gain a core understanding of what’s truly canine-appropriate, and some solutions that enhance wellness, longevity and convenience. Invest a Sunday morning with us to secure: • a comprehensive overview of the basics of optimum dog nutrition • your choice of two suburban pup meals (retail value $12) • access to special offers from all three presenters WHEN?

On Sunday 19 February 2017 AT 10AM - 11AM


The Hound HuttUnit 3, 24 Windorah Street, Stafford, QLD 4053


$18 per person


Suzi @ The Hound Hutt, 0401 338 761, info@thehoundhutt.com.au


**Space is limited, so thank you for leaving your dogs at home on this occasion** Please note that your contact email will be shared with all three presenters, with opt out opportunities subsequently offered.

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