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Get the Parasite Prevention Masterclass and The Guide to Natural Parasite Prevention for just $35 - save $5.


About the Masterclass:

A 45 minute masterclass teaching you how to help your animal prevent parasites using natural solutions.


Class covers the following topics:

  • Common parasites
  • Common parasite treatments
  • Neurotoxins
  • Toxic load
  • Natural alternatives
  • Why do animals get parasites


This is a recording of a live class run inside the Holistic Animal Care Q&A Group on 19 January 2023.


About The Guide to Natural Parasite Prevention:

Written by an animal naturopath as a solution for answering the common query "Are there natural alternatives to parasite medications?".


This Guide covers:


  • Common parasites and treatment
  • Seven solutions for natural parasite prevention 
  • Immune support food tips
  • Simple recipes that you can make at home as part of a natural parasite prevention protocol


Easy to read and easy to incorporate into your pet's wellness regime!


Upon completing your purchase, the class recording and pdf guide will be emailed to you in a Zip file for immediate download.

Parasite Prevention Class & Guide