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I believe that all animals thrive best on a diet that is natural to them, that is pure, and that natural therapies stimulate an animal's inherent ability to heal herself.


Through Sahaja Animal Healing, I offer natural solutions for animals to bring about optimum health and disease prevention. 


I focus on promoting health rather than treating disease. This approach enables an animal to heal herself with the aid of species-appropriate nutrition and remedies found in nature.  The whole animal is taken into account, not just the symptoms that are presented. My services complement traditional veterinary treatment and can provide natural alternatives that don't result in adverse side effects.  


Sahaja Animal Healing can assist your canine and/or feline companions with ailments such as skin conditions, bad breath, teeth problems, allergies, weight issues, digestive conditions and more.



Healing through diet

Nutrition is vital in ensuring general wellbeing for your feline and / or canine companion.  Species-appropriate diets can provide your feline / canine companion with the grounding to achieve optimum health and functioning.

  • Have you just adopted a new pet and you're after some guidance on the best nutrition for him?

  • Is your pet in her golden years and you'd like to know what additional nutritional support you can provide?

  • Do you want to ensure your pet is eating a diet that prevents disease?

  • Or perhaps your fur baby is suffering from illness or disease? 

I offer a number of package options tailored to suit your furry companion's individual needs and circumstances (priced from $99). 


Each package option is available as an online option for those located interstate or overseas. If you're located in Brisbane, consults occur face to face in your home.

Contact me today to discuss how I can help you ensure your furry companion is eating an optimum diet containing all the nutrients they need to thrive.


Healing through touch

Massage therapy for cats and dogs incorporates remedial massage and stretches to improve balance, functioning and range of movement.  It will improve a cat or dog’s general fitness, behaviour, emotional stability, comfort level and overall health.

Massage therapy provides a wide array of benefits for dogs and cats of any breed, age and activity level, including relaxation, improved immune function, detoxification, pain management and improved range of movement.


Cat Nutrition Webinar

How to feed your cat an optimum diet

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Dog Nutrition Webinar

How to feed your dog 

an optimum diet

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My boy, Wolfie had been sensitive to food since he was a pup and has a misdiagnosed botulism infection. Wolfie and Mamie, both Cavoodles had been diagnosed with calcium oxalate crystals and calcium oxalate stones in their bladders. Both had undergone surgery to remove the stones, without success. Both dogs were eating a professionally prescribed vet formula of a well known dog food. In addition, to the problem with Wolfie and Maimie, my lovely little Cavalier Bunny, was battling with being overweight and was on yet another expensive

professionally prescribed dog food.


Ruth came to visit and meet the dogs and we discussed all of their particular nutritional needs. With some addition of supplements and changing the majority of their food to raw we are happily feeding all three the same diet.


Life now is much easier; Wolfie and Maimie have both vastly improved with no sign of crystals or stones, and perfect blood test results and Bunny has lost almost 3 kg! All of my babies have much more energy and are relaxed and happy. They will never eat processed dog food again.


I can’t recommend Ruth and Sahaja Animal Healing enough; she has changed our lives and health for the better, thank you!


—  Imelda Ryan, human companion to Wolfie, Maimie and Bunnie

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​I'm a lover of animals, a pet nutritionist, an animal naturopath, an energy healer and a plant based coach. Just doing my bit to help animals live a happier life. 

Based at the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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