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Do you love animals?

I reckon if you're here that you do.

Hi. My name's Ruth and I'm a plant based coach. I focus on helping people who love animals to eat less animals. Sure, there are various reasons why people choose a plant based diet (see below) but for me, the main reason I eat this way is for the animals. 

I have been living a plant based lifestyle of varying degrees for over 30 years. At 11, I decided to pursue a plant based diet. My main motivator was animals – I loved them (I still do!), they were my friends (they still are!) and I didn’t want to eat them anymore (I still don’t!). This set me off on a life of change-making to ensure that choices I made minimised the suffering of animals. I now eat a 100% plant based diet (so you could say I'm vegan). And whilst I started out eating a plant based diet for the animals, as I have learned more about the benefits of eating this way, my health and the health of the planet upon which we live are also motivators for me.

I focus on providing plant based solutions for people who love animals because this was my reason for choosing a plant based diet many moons ago and I can 2000% relate! I also do this work to help animals globally so it makes sense to me to maintain this focus by helping people who want to help animals too.

So if you're looking for support in eating more plants so that you can eat less animals, hello and welcome, this is your place.

With over 30 years of eating a plant based diet, I know what it takes to thrive on one. When you work with me, you will learn how to live a plant based life that is healthy, environmentally friendly and that makes animals smile. If you're simply seeking to make subtle changes by incorporating more plant based options into your diet, I can help you with that too. As your plant based coach, I will be right by your side providing you with knowledge, insight, tips and tricks to help you eat (and enjoy!) a nutritious, whole-food plant based diet.

I offer a range of plant based coaching programs to suit varying circumstances, whether it’s just a one off video chat or a series of chats with meal plans, recipes and regular check-ins. I will ensure you have the information you need to thrive on a plant based diet.


Contact me and let’s have a chat about how I can help you eat more plants.

Well for me, it's easy. Because I love animals. All animals, cats, dogs, cows, chickens, pigs, horses, ducks, foxes and so on. And because I love animals, I make the choice not to eat them. In my view, they deserve to live a happy and natural life.

Whilst a love of animals may be the reason why some people choose to eat a plant based diet, it's not the only one.

Some choose to eat a plant based diet because they want to improve their health. This is because research over many years has linked plant based diets to lower rates of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers. It's also believed to prevent a number of other chronic conditions.

Others choose to eat a plant based diet because they want to reduce their environmental footprint. Research has found that a diet based on a variety of plant foods with low amounts of animal source foods, unsaturated rather than saturated fats, and small amounts of refined grains, highly processed foods, and added sugars will have significant environmental benefits.

These are all valid reasons for choosing a plant based diet and whether you choose to eat a plant based diet because you love animals, care for your health or the environment, your choice to eat a plant based diet will have a positive impact in all three areas. It truly is a wonderful and kind way to eat.

Why Choose a Plant Based Diet?

Why choose a plant based diet
Dandelion Parachute Seed

When my husband and I started the coaching sessions with Ruth we had begun our journey towards being on a plant based diet but we still needed some help in terms of making the full transition.  

One of the things that we appreciated the most about Ruth's coaching support was that there was no judgement


about where we were at or how we wanted to approach the transition. She worked with us and understood that we wanted to make a real and sustainable change and as such appreciated that the journey had to work for us.  

Ruth has so much knowledge and insight that she shared with us along the way.  This really helped us to ensure that with the diet changes we were making our health and wellbeing was also paramount.


My husband and I are very appreciative of all the support and encouragement that Ruth provided to us and would highly recommend her coaching sessions to anyone thinking of transitioning to a plant based diet. 


Making this change has been one of the best things we have done - thank you very much Ruth!


—  Ange Boyd, Founder and Director of Pyxis Australia

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